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Fortnite wants to help you find better squadmates

Newsroom Jun 27, 2022

In a recent blog published on their official website, Fortnite revealed that they will be embedding some form of social tags to help gamers play and interact with like-minded players to have a justified tactical fight.
Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, recently revealed in a blog post that users which play free survival games can specify their preferred competitive events, builds, and gaming modes using up to three social tags.

Fortnite recently announced that they would be integrating some kind of social tag to allow users to participate and connect with other like-minded players for a legitimate tactical battle in a blog post that was published on their official website.

Additionally, through the feature of 'looking for party section', given that you have added at least one of three available social tags, you will be able to send and accept party invites from players who have similar tags and are in your server location. You can stop using Looking For Party at any time though.  

When disabled, invitations will no longer be sent to you and will no longer be accepted. The standard invite method for partying up will still be available when playing Duos, Trios, Squads, etc., according to Epic Games' blog post.

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Fortnite Social Tags

Even though Fortnite's Chapter 3, Season 3 has been out for a few weeks, there is still a tonne of fresh, intriguing improvements to enjoy. In reality, the most current season of the battle royale game recently unveiled a brand-new useful feature known as Social Tags.

According to a news article from The Verge, playing Fortnite alone while partnered with random friends may be really irritating. This is true of most battle royale games. Well, in some circumstances you are presented with the best teammates who support you in winning.

However, it mainly entails having squad members use tactics that are incompatible with your preferred playing style. And if you all pass away before long, this may become a tragic waste of time. When working together with trusted pals, the situation is quite different. However, they might not always be accessible, leaving Fortnite players to occasionally play alone.

Source: Vlad Gocshklov (Unsplash)
Source: Vlad Gocshklov (Unsplash)

Thankfully, a new Social Tags feature has been added to the flagship game from Epic Games. In essence, it helps players find fewer random teammates so they can team up with people who play games more like them. Before pairing up participants, social tags ascertain their preferred gaming mode. It takes into account if players are "Chill" and whether they want their microphone on or off.

As long as you are in the same server region, the feature will let players with compatible social tags invite you to join the same battle. However, this only occurs when Fortnite players activate the "Looking For Party" feature.

How to Add Fortnite Social Tags

When Fortnite players turn on the "Looking For Party" feature, the new Social Tags feature becomes active. However, if it is disabled, invitations from players with related social tags won't be accepted.

It is important to keep in mind that the new Fortnite feature is still being tested. Therefore, there is no need to freak out if the "Looking For Party" option is missing. Players of Fortnite should update to the most recent version of the game in order to access the new Social Tags feature, according to a recent article by DBLTAP.

Source: The Verge

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