Peppzor lifting it for Fnatic. Photo via HLTV.

Peppzor lifting it for Fnatic. Photo via HLTV. 

Fnatic wins Elisa Masters Espoo 2022

Newsroom Nov 21, 2022

Fnatic won their first trophy since 2019.

The first LAN event after the Major has concluded and Fnatic has emerged as the victor beating 2-0 in the best of three finals.

Elisa Masters Espoo doesn't qualify as a premier event, but given that many teams that played in the Major were here, it speaks to the tournament's difficulty. Hosted in Finland, this was the first big LAN event post-major which concluded right in time for the Blast event.

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It housed teams like Fnatic, ENCE, Astralis and BIG, all powerhouses in their own right. After impressing in the Major, Fnatic was hit with the loss of Krimz who took time off to heal from an arm injury, his replacement, young and inexperienced, Peppzor was tasked to fill the void, which was no easy beat by any means.

Fnatic was far from the favourite following the loss of Krimz to an injury and for apparent reasons keeping up their form from the Major seemed difficult. However, as the tournament progressed, Peppzor delivered in numbers that made no one miss the veteran Swede.

Individual showing from the Finals. Statistics via HLTV. 

In the grand finals, they took on an in-form BIG Clan, who were playing without their star man and AWPer Syrson, which many tags as the reason they lost to Fnatic. It is safe to say that the matches were one-sided in every sense of the word. The Germans failed to post more than 9 rounds in two maps combined which is utterly disappointing considering their recent run of form.

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The multi-national team won 16-4 and 16-5 on Vertigo and Overpass which speaks to the one-sided nature of the Grand Finals. While many assumed Fnatic to win it but not by a landslide like we witnessed.

Fnatic not having won a trophy since 2019 revamped their roster and tried out several Swedish players before looking outside Sweden. The latest mix of European talent has shown promise unlike rosters from their recent past.

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Hailed as one of the best CSGO organizations, Fnatic's recent improvement has restored the belief in fans that they are capable of going back to their best, more importantly, back to winning ways.

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