Commonwealth Esports Championships has already been started!

Credits to News 18. Commonwealth Esports Championships has already been started! 

First College Esports Team to take part in Commonwealth Esports Championships & India’s Performance in Rocket League!

Newsroom Aug 6, 2022

In this blog, we will get to know what happened in the Commonwealth Esports Championships Rocket League tournament.

The First College Esports Team from Canada is going to take part in Rocket League!
There will be two Rocket League tournaments, one for men and another for women.
India, unfortunately, could not make it through to the Playoffs.

The Commonwealth Games are the big thing right now, making it all the more special because they are holding the first-ever Esports Championships under them. What could be more amazing than seeing Esports represented worldwide on such a huge platform? Well, the Commonwealth Esports has just started, and you already know that we will be hyped for the whole event! In this blog, we will be getting into the first event of the Commonwealth Esports Championships of the Rocket League. The Championship will have only three games, the others being DOTA 2 and the eFootball Series.

First College Team to Participate in Commonwealth Esports Championships?

Mostly, you will find that there are Esports teams under Esports organisations that take part in tournaments and matches. However, this is quite a new way of doing things as a team represented by a college is going to participate in the Commonwealth Esports Championships. Canada’s St. Clair College is the first ever college esports team in the Commonwealth to participate, and the team is quite hyped about the whole event. They feel grateful and excited to represent the country and their college on such a great platform at a worldwide level. They even feel the pressure of being full Esports athletes and also college students by the side, and are equally grateful about the fact that their college is so supportive of their passions.

Which are the other countries participating in Rocket League?

Other than Canada, the other countries that are participating in Rocket League are India, England, Kenya, Jamaica, Australia, Wales, and South Africa.

What is India’s position in the game right now?

For those who have not been keeping up with the recent Esports tournaments, well, the Rocket League Men’s has India participating in it, and they were put in Group B. Unfortunately, India could not make it through to the playoffs, and the Indian audience was quite disappointed about it.

The fans had extremely high hopes for the Indian team, for they had shown extremely good form in the Regionals. However, India was to face off against Canada, and the winner was to be based on the best of five matches. India lost to Canada at  0-3 which was a huge blow to India’s footing. The damage had been done, and India could not stand a proper chance against England and Wales.

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