Credits to Venture Beat. Zebedee is a bitcoin miner and a gaming platform.

Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix supports Bitcoin Gaming Startup Zebedee!

Newsroom Jul 24, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of Square Enix backing up Zebedee in their second round of funding.

Cryptocurrency is quite a volatile market at this time, and people have been questioning the authenticity of the blockchain market right now. The companies are either trying to support the whole cryptocurrency market or other companies feel that they are not ready to involve cryptocurrency in their affairs. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into how the Final Fantasy maker, Square Enix, has saved a bitcoin gaming startup! This was quite a great move on the part of Square Enix, for it has proved once again how to help the other gaming companies in need.

What is this Bitcoin gaming startup?

You might be curious to know about this new Bitcoin gaming startup that is getting so much favour from a company like Square Enix. Well, the company’s name is Zebedee. This is a Bitcoin company that allows you to earn bitcoins by playing games, and you can also partner with them to sell your bitcoins. Not only that, but they also try to program their Bitcoin, which means they will try to push forward in the crypto world. All of this is also ensured to make it easily accessible for everyone. And hence, it is one of those gaming startups that would help people to get more involved in crypto games, and also help them earn a good amount of bitcoins for themselves.

Why is Square Enix backing up Zebedee?

Now you might have already understood that to carry out all of this, Zebedee needs to have a good amount of support and resources from the major companies. They have already gone well for a few years, but now they require funding and resources. This has led them to go for the second round of funding. The first round of funding had been quite good, where they had managed to raise some $11.5 million. They have gone as far as raising some $50 million for the second round of funding. This is not the only shocking part of it all.

Credits to Square Enix.

Square Enix has been one of the biggest contributors in Round B of the funding for Zebedee. The reason for their being one of the highest contributors is that they are staunch believers in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology having a strong impact on the gaming market. They genuinely believe that Web3 gaming might help the whole community, and they would also try to support any business that aligns with their view.

Credits to Youtube. Final Fantasy. 

Zebedee tries to exactly do this, where players can play games or even tournaments, and in turn earn bitcoins. In fact, at the very beginning, Zebedee demonstrated how the players on their platforms could take part in CS: Go tournaments and get their rewards in the form of bitcoin. They have come so far that all their games are usually licensed by the official companies, and They make sure that the players can get some bitcoins while completing certain aspects of the game, to keep them hooked, and also to give them a source of income.

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