Credits to RTP Arena. FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 is soon to come. 

FIFAe Nations Cup 2022: India qualifies for Showpiece Esports Event for the first time!

Newsroom Jun 14, 2022

We have some good news regarding all the Indian gamers right now. It seems after the Pandemic, and with the right sort of support, the Indian gaming community is rising. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details about how in the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022, India has qualified for the Esports event for the very first time! This is quite massive because FIFAe is one of the most popular video games in the country. It also makes us feel proud that our country is finally being properly represented in the Esports community as well.

When is the FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 Showpiece Esports Event going to be held?

Before we get into anything else, let us talk about the main event for a bit. The FIFAe Nations Cup 2022 is going to be a Showpiece Event which is quite important for countries that are going to participate as this will give them the chance to compete with the best teams across the world. This will also make them better prepared for the actual World Championships and everything. Hence, this event is the first big step in terms of India's getting into the big leagues.

The event will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Showpiece event will be held from July 27 to July 30, 2022. Hence, there is a month left for the event, and we expect India to give their best in the event. They have played brilliantly in the qualifiers and we do not expect anything less from them in the main event either. If they played their cards right and came up with strong strategies, then there are high chances that India might also end up winning the event. However, we have to keep an eye out for them for this.

How did India Win the Qualifiers?

India had managed to defeat the Korean Republic and Malaysia quite brilliantly in the qualifiers to go through to the main event. It has been quite a long journey on the part of India to be going up the ranks from the position where they started back in 2021. That is right, India has started to get into the Championships and everything from 2021 itself. Hence, even though the country was quite obsessed with FIFAe, they started quite late in terms of the Esports world.

Credits to New Delhi Times. India has qualified for the FIFAe nations Cup 2022.

In 2021, they did not rank fairly well internationally, coming in at 22 as a rank all over the world. This was quite a shock, yet people expected them to learn from all their mistakes and come back stronger. However, we have to admit that we did not expect them to come back this strong. This was quite a shock and pleasing news at the same time that India managed to win the playoffs, that too against the Korean Republic, which is one of the strongest Asian countries in FIFAe too. Hence, we hope that India manages to make a name for themselves in the Showpiece event too.

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