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Facebook Gaming brings Crayta’s user-generated games to its cloud platform

Newsroom Jun 10, 2022

In an interesting surge of events recently, the mega social media platform Facebook is collaborating with Crayta, a platform for gamers to build and play games with their friends in real-time. During a major announcement by Meta, it recently announced they’re bringing game development platform Crayta to Facebook Gaming‘s cloud streaming service.


Meta describes it as an easy-to-use developer toolkit that makes game creation more accessible. Crayta was developed by Unit 2 Games, and acquired by Meta last June. The platform was initially planned to be exclusively for Google Stadia but rolled out to the Epic Games Store last year. The launch of Crayta represents Meta’s continued investment into the Metaverse.

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What is the collaboration all about?

The platform will allow users to create and publish a simple multiplayer game without coding in as little as 15 minutes and will allow up to 20 players to collaborate in games. The free-to-play platform will be available to play without downloading anything and will be available straight from Facebook Gaming’s cloud service. All that is needed is an account on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg has been trying to push the metaverse to a whole new level and this collaboration is definitely a new hope for the same.

"With our cloud-streaming tech, it's really fast to build on both mobile and desktop even if you don't have a powerful system," Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post.

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What is Crayta?

As Unit 2 describes it, "the platform offers a vast array of detailed meshes and voxel materials for creators to build with, alongside scripting language Lua to add mechanics to their worlds. A large default selection of character outfits emotes and other cosmetics allow players to customize their appearance and interactions, and are also added to quarterly with themed seasonal content.”

This is a whole new step but it'd be interesting to see what this has in store for our community of gamers and how it can change the way of gaming for many players.

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