Exploring the seasonal events and rewards in CODM. Photo via CODM

Exploring the seasonal events and rewards in CODM. Photo via CODM

Exploring the seasonal events and rewards in CODM

Strategy Feb 27, 2023

Exploring the seasonal events and rewards in CODM.

Get new weapons, new skins, Battle Pass XP and more in multi-step difficulties that reward you for playing the game.

Seasonal events are currently live in Important mission at hand: Portable! Test your abilities with multi-step difficulties that reward things and Fight Pass XP for each step finished, including new utilitarian weapons, weapon skins, and characters, from there, the sky is the limit. Peruse on for more data on how occasional occasions work and what they offer.

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To see seasonal events in-game, select the Occasion tab and go to the Occasional area. Select any test to see its Key Prize, which is the thing you will acquire subsequent to finishing the whole test. Notwithstanding, there is something else to procure while heading to the Key Award.

Challenges are comprised of various strides; there are three stages in the 'Boot camp' challenge and eight stages in 'Elite Marksman'. While surveying a test, utilize the bolts to burn through every one of its means. Each step gives players a particular undertaking to finish which depends on the subject of the fundamental test. Complete the ongoing move toward procuring a prize and get sufficiently close to the following.

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Earn New Weapons:

New Weapons in CODM. Photo via COD.

Seasonal events offer incredible prizes.  Sometime in the distant past, Rust has added three new weapons players can procure for nothing on occasional occasions.

Complete the 6th step of‘ Close Quarters Master’  to open the Pharo SMG, procure the Locus sharpshooter rifle in the wake of finishing the seventh step of 'Elite Marksman', and get the fan-most loved Cordite SMG subsequent to finishing each move toward 'Gunslinger'. Furthermore, in the event that you think the base adaptations of the Pharo and Locus are great, finished every one of the means of Tight situations like Marksman to open the Pharo - Criminal and Locus - Flowing Bronze.

A new sniper on the waitlist. Photo via CODM.

That is only a small part of what you can procure. Complete 'Shock & Awe' to open the new Cryo Bomb, or work on your Fight Royale abilities to open the ATV - Copperhead vehicle skin and the Nomad - Wild Snake character skin through ‘Survival of the Fittest’.

According to Activision:

"3 Tips for Mastering Seasonal Events

1.     Subsequent steps sometimes build on previous ones. For example, complete step five of Elite Marksman to unlock the Arctic .50 – Arctic Viper, which will help you complete step six’s requirement of getting kills with the Arctic .50.

2.     Each step rewards Battle Pass XP, increasing in number the further along you are in each challenge. Complete every challenge for major Battle Pass progression and unlock even more content in the Battle Pass along the way!

3.     The seasonal event challenges are all open and active at the same time, so you can work on multiple challenges at once. Equip an SMG and the UAV Scorestreak, for example, to work on the first step of ‘Close Quarters Master’ and ‘Survey and Destroy’ at the same time."

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