EVO is an annual Esports event based on fighting.

Credits to ONE Esports. EVO is an annual Esports event based on fighting. 

EVO surprises fans with a teaser; Tekken 8 is to be released?

Newsroom Aug 9, 2022

In this blog, we will be talking about the new teaser about Teken 8 that was released in the EVO event.

The EVO event released a 30 seconds teaser of a brand new game!
Though people have been thinking that it could be Tekken 8, but nothing is announced.
There is a new anime adaptation of Tekken 3, Tekken: Bloodline to be released in Netflix.

There is amazing news for the gamers out there. Recently, the EVO, or Evolution Championship Series, has concluded, and there was something at the end of the event that managed to blow everyone’s minds. The gaming community is more than excited about the announcement, and if you have not heard about it yet. Well, we are here to keep you updated, and in today’s news blog, we will be getting into what the surprise that was revealed at the end of the EVO event was!

Which game is going to be brought back?

Well, in the EVO event, at the very end, there was a small 30-second clip that was shown of the popular game character, Kazuya, and fans immediately lost it! People were so sure that the teaser was related to Tekken, and that was all they wanted to know. However, they were quite curious to know what was going to happen, if this was related to Tekken’s franchise, or if it going to be a new game. Whatever it was, the teaser was all they wanted, and now they were dying to know more!

What was the teaser about?

Once you watch the teaser, you might be quite curious to know what exactly it means. The teaser shows Kazuya after some time has passed, and now he has the red eye that he got when he was in the game, Tekken 4. The teaser ends with “Get ready." Well, now you know that we are more than excited and ready for what is going to happen. Right after the teaser was uploaded on the internet, people started to come up with their theories and everything. Many feel that it could be some sort of side game for Tekken. However, a lot of people are quite sure that there could be a high possibility that it could be Tekken 8 right now!

When was the last Tekken game released?

Tekken 7 was last released some seven years ago. Hence, you can already understand that it has been quite some time since any Tekken game was released. Therefore, people were quite sceptical about the fact that the game would again come back. However, there are quite a few high chances that Bandai Namco might finally come up with Tekken 8! It is only a wait of time to know what the game holds, and when they are going to release it!

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Recent developments in the Tekken franchise

The most recent development in the franchise is the anime-style adaptation named Tekken: Bloodline. It could be based on Tekken 3 and will be released on Netflix on August 18, 2022.

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