Pokemon Unite is the brand new game that is taking everyone's attention right now!

Credits to Pokemon.com. Pokemon Unite is the brand new game that is taking everyone's attention right now!

Everything you might ever need to Know about Pokemon Unite!

Community Aug 19, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the details of Pokemon Unite from its storyline to all the different maps and game modes in the game!

There is a brand new game that you might be interested in, and we are here to give you a good in-depth knowledge about what the game is, and how you can start the game. In this blog, we will be getting into everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite, and how to get started on the game. It is always useful to have a handy guide for all your new games, as they will help you to get into a game better, and even understand its mechanism better, rather than just getting to play the game blindly.

What is Pokemon Unite?

For those who are a bit confused as to what exactly Pokemon Unite is, well, it is a Mobile Online Battle Arena game that is quite similar to Free Fire, PUBG, BGMI, and others. Hence, you will not be too unfamiliar with the concept. However, it is not exactly the same as the games mentioned before. There are certain features which are quite different from those in these games, and we will be getting into all these basic information.

Another question that you might have is what is exactly the lore or story of the game is. If you play tons of games, you will most definitely be aware of the fact that every game, even the smallest, has some backstory or the other. Even Pokemon Unite has one, but it is not that in-depth, as of yet. So the basic storyline is Professor Phorus and researcher Erbie are trying to find Aeos energy. This energy is only unique to a certain place known as Unite Battles. Hence, the pokemon trainers and their pokemon have to go to this place, and they are to score these energies and try to get them s much as possible. However, that is where the storyline ends, and we have no such information yet regarding what is going to happen next, or why is the energy even required.

Pokemon Unite Game Modes

Before we get into how to exactly play Pokemon Unite, and stuff like that, let us know what are the game modes that are available. Basically, there are three game modes in the game, namely:

  • Standard matches
  • Ranked Matches
  • Quick Battles

This video might be of interest to you:

Now we will be getting into all of these modes individually:

Standard Matches

Credits to iMore. Pokemon Unite standard battle. 

Well, it is basically how any of the standard matches in a MOBA game work. There will be 5 Pokemon in one team and 5 in another team. These five Pokemon will have different abilities and different roles, and they will be fighting each other. Now, as they fight each other, they will be collecting energy from the defeated parties. However, only getting this energy will not be enough, one needs to actually collect these points until one scores them in the enemies’ goal. Hence, the game turns into a MOBA as they have to reach the enemies’ goal, and just killing the enemies will not be enough. Also, throughout the game, your Pokemon will keep on evolving if you can manage to collect enough energy.

Ranked Matches

All the ranks in the game.
Credits to LDPlayer. All the ranks in the game.

They are quite similar to the Standard matches, but here you will be earning certain items and XPs that help you to increase or level up your ranks. As you level up, you will be getting certain awards and prizes, which will help you to boost yourself up.

Quick Battles

Credits to Pro Game Guides. Quick Battles.

There are three different types of Quick Battles that you can play:

  • Auroma Park (3v3)
  • Mer Stadium (4v4)
  • Shivre City (4v4)

These are basically quite similarly to Standard matches and Ranked matches, but will be finished earlier and faster. Hence, if you want to practice, or want to test out certain tactics and strategies, then you can definitely go for the Quick Battle mode.

Maps in Pokemon Unite

Credits to Gfinity Esports. One of the maps in Pokemon Unite.

Now you might be wondering about which maps are available in the game. Here are the 7 maps that are available in the game right now:

  • Remote Stadium
  • Mer Stadium
  • Shivre City
  • Auroma Park
  • Catch 'Em
  • Theia Sky Ruins

We will be discussing this more in future blogs.

However, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that the map is divided into two sides: One for the allies and one for the opponents. The allies have to make sure to put down their points in the goals into the opponents' side, so that they can earn those points. There will be 5 goals in each side. The members could try to protect the goals, or try to eliminate the enemies first. It all depends upon the strategy.


These were some of the basics that you need to know about Pokemon Unite before you get into the game and start playing it. There will be all kinds of more blogs and guides to help you through the whole game, so that you can try to get better in the game as it goes by.

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