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Events that gave Esports a major boost - Part 1

Community Jun 28, 2022

In the Indian context, probably each Esports gamer has faced societal and parental taunts at least once in their lifetime over the decision to choose gaming as a possible career option. Difficult to accept this in such an era of gaming, but the middle-class Indian parents still don’t get comfortable with the idea of their kids playing video games and actually make this an aspiring pathway for the future.

The inclusion of some big and impacting Esports tournaments becomes crucially essential to not only help Esports gamers achieve some status quo and basic financial support but also as a mode to express their real desires to the likes of societal and parental pressure surrounding them.

Herby, we officially declare a series of ‘Events that gave Esports a major boost in India and beyond’. This blog will act as part 1 of the series. The context of this blog will surround the basic idea of what impact an Esport event provides and the latter part will entail some of the recently organized gaming events that have successfully left a legacy and impacting effect behind them.

Let's begin, shall we!

Impact of an Esports event

Those days are long gone when Esports events were minimally organized with the almost negligible sum of cash prizes attached to them. Now, things have changed completely in the field of gaming and developer end.

As predicted by several research analytics of renowned financial papers like Moneycontrol, Mind mint,  and Business standards, the gaming industry will possibly be the most rapidly growing industry in years to come. Meaning that a massive sum of money is being injected by a multi-billion dollar worth of tech companies, considering the craze the gaming industry has received over the last couple of years. Microsoft, Apple, Google, Activision, and Meta to name a few.

Source: Olieman Eth (Unsplash)
Source: Olieman Eth (Unsplash)

If you want to know how such massive tech companies are doing in business, you should definitely read this piece:

Microsoft is set to introduce games for Microsoft Teams
Microsoft is working to bring games to its Teams app. The company has already begun testing games, including Solitaire, Connect 4, and Wordament, inside Microsoft Teams. Microsoft envisions virtual places within Teams where coworkers may network and interact while playing casual games, in addition…

Given such a high percentage of gross investment involved, the organization of an Esports event becomes more of a financial fun than a liability. Multiple sponsors are eagerly waiting to promote their brands and utilize this craze for gaming. Thus, a setup of an Esports event comes with a baggage of loads of exciting participation and massive investments which are equally distributed in form of highly attractive cash prizes and tech-based organization.

This not only impacts the future of gaming as a career option but also adds financial and social values to the life of an Esports gamer. Given the amount of money involved, not only through the form of cash prizes but also through various sponsorships, parents are now ready to accept their kids investing themselves into the glorious prospect of gaming.

Money in Gaming: Indian Context

Online gaming is no longer a luxury for the majority of people thanks to the introduction of inexpensive cellphones to the market and the different data packs available at dirt-cheap costs. With over 3 billion downloads to date and a significant rise in smartphone adoption, mobile gaming currently holds a 90% market share in India. On the back of the "mobile-first" phenomena, the Indian gaming sector, which presently generates $1.5 billion in revenue, is predicted to triple to over $5 billion by 2025.

As the gaming trend picks up steam, serious players are now searching for profitable amusement. Between the pre-pandemic years of 2017–18 and 2019–20, fantasy sports revenue multiplied nine times, reaching 16,500 crores, while e-sports revenue is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 36% over the following three years. The burgeoning gaming businesses in India are expanding options beyond only monetary payouts, such as tech-focused jobs in the IT industry and game development.

Source: Warren Paleri (Unsplash)
Source: Warren Paleri (Unsplash)

Recently organized Esports events

Now let’s look at some Esports events which are played and participated in globally and have huge financial backing at stake. These Esport tournaments or leagues are considered the best of the best in their type of game played. Let's look at them:

Arena of Valor International Championship

Arena of Valor International Championship is a top competition for Arena of Valor. Teams compete for the strongest team in Arena of Valor.

Prizepool: $1,685,000 USD
Number of participants: Top 16 teams from each participating country
Viewership: 36,000,000 online viewers

Source: Florian Elvo (Unsplash)
Source: Florian Elvo (Unsplash) World Championship Series (BlizzCon) World Championship Series is a StarCraft II (SC2), World of Warcraft (WoW), Overwatch, and Hearthstone world championship series which is run by Blizzard Entertainment.

Prize pool: $250,000 USD
Number of participants: 50+ teams globally
Viewership: 36,430 Average Viewers

Call of Duty League

A Call of Duty franchised-based league that replaces the Call of Duty World League. Call of Duty League is played on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for PlayStation 4.

Prize pool: $2,500,000
Number of participants: Top 12 teams globally
Viewership: 238.7K concurrent viewers

Ultimate Battle

Ultimate Battle is yet another among Esports Leagues and Tournaments in India which is an All India Open Esports League and includes games like CS: GO, DOTA 2, FIFA, and others.

Prize pool: $2,500,000
Number of participants: 35 teams globally distributed in 7 groups
Viewership: 200K+ total viewership

COBX Masters

COBX Masters is a Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competition held across several cities in India

Prize pool: $1,200,000
Number of participants: Top 6 teams ranked
Viewership: 50,103 peak viewers

Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour

The Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour is a global tournament series for the smash-hit fighting game by Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc.

Prize pool: $75,000
Number of participants: 100+ teams globally (segregated to top 20 teams from play-offs)
Viewership: 255,927 peak viewers

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