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Events that gave Esports a major boost - Part 4

Community Jul 1, 2022


  • This being the endgame episode of this blog series, we previously covered how Esport events make money out of several financial factors like sponsorships, advertising, ticket sales, and more.
  • Now, in this blog, we’ll cover something out of the box. We’ll look at how several collaborations between game development companies and other areas of non-gaming sectors collaborated to boost the growth of Esports even more.
  • Such collaborations can also be coined with the ‘events’ that made the Esports industry grow much more than ever before.

More than ever, the worlds of fashion and video games collide. According to Vogue Business, a large portion of the rise in fashion collaborations can be attributed to firms preferring to tailor their marketing efforts to specific target markets. It makes it natural that fashion corporations would want to break into the video game sector, given that adolescents who were heavily impacted by video games are now entering the job and that a greater proportion of female players are interested in fashion.

Like other forms of media, like movies, video games may be a haven for advertisements. These pixel-perfect partnerships may be for pretty much anything, including "Fortnite" celebrity-filled virtual concerts, Xbox-branded refrigerators, and of course, fashion. At least four Puma partnerships with esports and video gaming companies were tracked by Vogue Business. Additionally, labels like Levi's, UNIQLO, and others have debuted their own gaming lines.

Now let’s look at the list of some renowned brands that collaborated with gam development companies to offer a whole new lifestyle for their specific users.

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Seiko - Pokémon

Source: Mika Breimster (Unsplash)
Source: Mika Breimster (Unsplash)

Two sets with a "Pokémon" theme were created in conjunction with Seiko. Pikachu, Eevee, and Mewtwo, who each had distinctly distinctive designs based on the particular Pokemon, were the stars of the inaugural "Pokémon" collection. Then, a few months later, the Japanese luxury watch shop unveiled a second collection of timepieces based on the Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle beginning Pokémon and their evolutions.

The starter Pokémon and its second evolution are displayed on the watch faces of each of the three watch designs. The etching of the ultimate evolution is then hidden on the watch's back. For instance, the Flame-Tailed Lizard is featured on the front of the Charmander watch (also known as the Lizardon model), with the image of its pointy-headed descendant, the Charmeleon, underneath it. The Charizard stretches its wings across the watch face's back. Seiko describes the specifics of the bezel, index, and subdial designs based on each Pokemon on its website for the Pokemaniacs out there. The team who created the Charmander watch based the dial on Charizard's "Fire Vortex" attack.

Balenciaga - PlayStation

Simple, text-heavy streetwear from Balenciaga is in style with both the esports and athleisure movements. So perhaps it is not surprising that the Italian luxury brand worked with Sony to create a line of clothing inspired by the PlayStation 5. The fact that these t-shirts are even more expensive than the most recent consoles, which might seem crazily pricey to those who don't buy luxury brands, is amusing.

The PlayStation Boxy T-Shirt costs $675 per shirt and is available in black and red. It has the PlayStation 5 logo on the front, with "Nov 2020" (the month and year of the console's arrival) written beneath it in the distinctive PlayStation typeface.

Source: Safaa Summeri (Unsplash)
Source: Safaa Summeri (Unsplash)

On the shirt's back, the PlayStation emblem and "Balenciaga" are displayed alongside each other in the same font. The controller buttons, printed on the sleeves and back in the shapes of a triangle, circle, x, and square, are another noteworthy design.

A baseball cap and socks were later added to the PlayStation range, which initially only included the two t-shirts and one hoodie. The socks cost $125, while the hoodie costs $875. Fair enough, they aren't that much more expensive than regular Balenciaga styles.

Louis Vuitton - League of Legends

Source: Cody Gallon (Undplash)
Source: Cody Gallon (Unsplash)

With Lightning from "Final Fantasy 13" making an appearance in one of the brand's campaigns, Louis Vuitton has already made a reputation for itself in the video gaming business. With numerous "League of Legends" collaborations, the fashion house went a step further. Along with designing clothing for the "League of Legends" hip hop group True Damage, Louis Vuitton and Riot Games have worked together on actual fashion lines.

With its "League of Legends" collection, LVxLOL, Louis Vuitton entered the esports industry formally. The bandeau from the initial drop was the least expensive at $170, but the accompanying vest and leggings for the entire fit cost hundreds of dollars. A beautiful biker jacket with "League" graphics that costs about $5,650!

That jacket may really cost more than all the characters and skins in the game put together, as a Reddit user who did the arithmetic pointed out. As of August 2021, some of the items are still offered on the internet, although the stock is constantly declining. The stock of the Beaubeorg Platform Derby is critically low, while the Star Trail Ankle Boot is already gone. Even older items are hard to find and can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars when posted on secondhand websites like eBay.

Gucci - 100 Thieves

With a teaser featuring the group's hottest superstars, 100 Thieves showcased its most recent fashion collaboration. With a link to the fashion house's website, the Los Angeles-based esports organization announced its collaboration with Gucci in the teaser video on Twitter. Among the group members who flaunted the 100 Thieves x Gucci Off The Grid backpack in the movie and appeared for promotional pictures on the website were CEO Nadeshot and co-owners Valkyrie and CouRage.

Source: The Verge

The Off The Grid backpack by Gucci is available in red as the 100 Thieves backpack. It features the 100 Thieves logo stitched on the flap and the organization's signature bold, crimson colour.

For comparison, the original Gucci bag has a streamlined black body and the Gucci symbol is located on top. Only 200 lucky consumers will be able to purchase this fiery-coloured object, which costs a hefty $2,500. When the teaser first appeared on social media, Twitter users made fun of the clothing's $200 price tag. Although it's uncertain if Gucci and 100 Thieves will release anything else outside the backpack, $200 might really be underestimating the cost.

Gucci - Fnatic

A limited-edition version of The Dive, one of Gucci's popular smartwatch models, was created in partnership with the esports company Fnatic. The Dive's silhouette is similar to a diver's watch, hence the name. It has a black rubber strap and a 40mm stainless steel casing with Super-LumiNova markings (a trademarked luminous material used for watches) as accents.

The watch's design cues all reference the London-based esports organization's distinctive aesthetic and logo, including its black and red-orange colour scheme and its tiny stars and bees.

Source: Fnatic

In addition, Fnatic's blog article about the collaboration identified several deliberate allusions to the gaming industry: The interlaced Gs of Gucci's emblem serve as an acronym for the expression "good game," which is the name of a "League of Legends" class.

Input claims that Gucci only produced 100 of these clocks, and they have all been purchased. It appears that Fnatic aficionados weren't deterred by the $1,620 price tag.

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