COD Mobile World Championships 2022 to be held in December.

Credits to InsideSport. COD Mobile World Championships 2022 to be held in December.

Europe has Decided on which teams to send for the COD World Championships 2022 Stage 5!

Newsroom Aug 25, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into how Animus won the COD Mobile World Championships 2022 Stage 4!

Just a few days back, the European COD Mobile World Championships 2022 ended, marking the end of Stage 4.
Animus, Limitless Gaming, and Nova Esports will be going for the Stage 5.
Stage 5 will be held in the first week of December!

The next big tournament that is coming up is going to be the OCD Mobile World Championships, and everyone is quite excited about it, now that we know the teams that are going to participate in the main final event. Till now, there have been 4 stages held for various regions to come up with their winning teams who will be representing their nations/regions, and the winner of the Stage 5 will be declared as the winner of the COD Mobile World Championship 2022!

Who are the winners from Europe in Stage 4?

The last regionals to be held in Stage 4 were in Europe, and we must say they saved the best for last. It has always been proven that European COD players are just built differently and have managed to give tough competition to their opponents. Hence, there was no doubt when we found that there were going to be 3 teams that were going to be qualified for Stage 5. This was quite a momentous time for them, and we are here to fill you in on the details.

The three teams that are going to participate in Stage 5 are Animus, Nova Esports, and Limitless. These teams were some of the most prominent teams in the world of COD, and it will be quite interesting to see them fight it out against the other teams that are as good as them.

How did they qualify for the Stage 5?

Now the next thing that might be going on in your mind could be how did the match go on, and what are all te details? Well, only four teams had been qualified for the Stage 4 European Day 2 Bracket. This was the last day, and only three teams were to be selected. The day began with Nova Esports vs Xitium. It was quite the match where Nova Esports managed to defeat the other team with just 3-0 on the scoreboard. This made Xitium to go into the Elmination Round, and Nova Esports went ahead for the Finale.

Credits to Sportskeeda. Day 2 of the Stage 4 in Europe. 

The next match was between Animus and Limitless Esports. It seemed like Limitless had to work harder in order to actually defeat Animus, for they lost to them by 3-0. Limitless was sent to the Elimination Group against Xitium. Only one of the teams would be allowed to move forward. Meanwhile, Animus was to face Nova Esports in the Finale.

Xitium did not have a chance against Limitless Esports, and they lost to them by a 3-0. With this, Xitium was out of Stage 4. Nova Esports went ahead to the Elimination Final Round, where the loser of the Final Round was to compete against them. The final match was quite the match to be seen, for it seemed that Animus and Nova Esports were quite unyielding to each other. However, in the end, Animus won the match with a 3-1 on the scoreboard.

This video might interest you:

Nova Esports had to face Limitless Esports in the Elimination Final, and it seemed like Nova Esports was determined to get back to the Grand Final, having easily defeated Limitless Esports with a 3-0 on the scoreboard. Finally, the Grand Final was held between Aniums and Nova Esports, meeting each other for the second time on Day 2. Both the teams gave their very best, and in the end, Animus won Stage 4 with a 4-3!

However, it was decided that three teams would be sent from the European regions, and hence Animus, Nova Esports, and Limitless Gaming were allowed to go ahead to participate in Stage 5 of the COD Mobile World Championships.

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