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Community Apr 26, 2022

We'd be lying if we say that half of our childhood wasn't spent playing Road Rash and collecting CDs of all the popular video games. This is evident enough of the love that people had for Esports even decades ago.
Esports is a phenomenon for today's generation and once has been for all the millennials around us. So, it'd be wrong of us to assume that we're the only generation who wants and knows how to play video games. With the advent of technology, gaming has also taken new forms.

Welcome to the second issue of our Weekly Newsletter, the 'Esports Weekly'.

Week's Best Reads

Here are some of our best reads from the week that you might find interesting:

How is Minecraft still relevant after all this time?

We all have played Minecraft in our childhood. Sometimes at home, sometimes on computers in the school computer lab. But what makes it unique enough to stay relevant even today? Read this blog to find out more about it.
How is Minecraft still relevant after all this time?
There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time. Ever since its release, there has been barely any time where Minecraft is not doing well. It is a game that is evergreen all the time, and perhaps will be so until there is

Best Equipment for a Sniper in Free Fire Max

Since the ban of Free Fire in India, Free Fire Max has been the saviour for all gamers. Here's a detailed description of the best equipment for a Sniper to aim for the perfect headshot in your games.
Best Equipment for a Sniper in Free Fire Max
If you have just started out in Free Fire Max, then you might be wondering what the best equipment is if you want to snipe in the game. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be looking at the best equipment for a sniper in Free Fire Max. Four Best

The National Esports Championship 2022 has already started in India. Go and witness it now!

National Esports Championships 2022 Has Already Started!
The National Esports Championship has already started on the 18th of April. There are four Esports titles including DOTA 2, Hearthstone, etc. The winners will be qualified for the Asian Games 2022!We have some good news for gamers all over the country! The National Esports Championship 2022 has alr…

Japan has finally opened its biggest Esports market and we cannot keep calm!

Japan Opens Its Biggest Esports Park To Level Up Competitive Gaming!
Japan unveiled its largest Esports park.What does Yasuo Hara, President of the Tokyo Esports Gate have to say?What does the park include?Japan unveiled its largest Esports park on Wednesday, as the country hopes to develop itself into a professional gaming juggernaut capable of competing with China…

New Updates This Week

There were some stimulating updates this week on the Tournafest App. You might find the following interesting so make sure to check them out:

Create a Club

Before you even said it, we heard you. Now anyone can be an artist, create a club on our app and organize Esports Tournaments with ease.

Club Gamification

We love adding tiers of fun to your journey as a professional. Complete tasks & level up as an organizer!

Bug Bounty

Report bugs, help us improve & win rewards!

Redeem Rewards

Complete tasks, win rewards, and redeem them through a Google Play or Paytm Gift Card.

What’s Popping Up Next?

Here are some firey & exciting updates from the Tournafest Team that’ll be reflected on the App soon!


Witness an all-new exciting version of the dashboard on the Tournafest App. Trust us, you’re gonna love it.


We won’t be saying much, will leave it for you guys to have a look at. We hear you & get things done hence the web version of our app that’s dropping really soon. Stay tuned to know exactly when!

Events This Week

We love dropping in some deets & creating suspense. Check out these upcoming events by Tournafest!!

TournaTalks Episode 11

TournaTalks is an Instagram Live Conversational Show where we invite people from the Esports Industry and have conversations with them on various issues. This weekend too, we'll be going live on Instagram with some special guests. Make sure to stay updated by following our social media channels!

We hope you got to learn something new from the second issue of our newsletter! Stay tuned for the next issue coming right away, next week.

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