Esports Weekly (25/05/2022)

Community May 25, 2022

If we talk about Esports, many groundbreaking things have yet to be imagined, invented & or brought to life. While new advancements are happening each new day, it’s important to stay updated while living in the era of making of one of the biggest industries ever- the Gaming & Esports Industry.

We feel responsible for bringing all this into action, hence we present to you the Issue Six of ‘Esports Weekly’.

Best Reads From The Week!

From the multiple articles we delivered this week, here are some of the best reads that you might find interesting:

How investing in the next big thing: Esports will improve your future?

Investments should be an integral part of one’s life, be it short-term or long-term. We’ve created a guide for you to explore the various ways in which you can explore one of the ever-growing industries i.e. The Esports Industry. Know more >>

With the advancements in Metaverse, Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality(VR) Gaming, it becomes important to know which Games are actually compatible or especially created for these technologies. You may check out the:

Top 10 AR Games 2022


Top 10 VR Games 2022


Top 10 Games To Play On The Metaverse 2022


News That Broke The INTERNET

From Apex Legends breaking the internet with its Mobile Version to the Indian Govt. imposing 28% GST on online gaming, the week has been quite happening. Here are some trending articles from the week which might catch your eye:

28% GST On Online Gaming!

Yes, it is as bad as it sounds, especially for the small-scale gaming platforms that will struggle to survive if asked to pay even the entry fees. You can read more about this decision by the government here:  


First Genshin Impact Esports Tournament has been announced!

This game has set records since its launch and now the first official Tournament has been finally announced. If you’re a good fan of the Game, then make sure to fetch in all the details by reading the blog: Read more >>

The Game that broke the Internet-Apex Legends

The Mobile Version of Apex Legends was released finally on May 17, 2022, and managed to achieve over 1 crore downloads within the first 2 days itself! Read this blog to know all about the mobile version of the game: Read more >>

Updates Coming Up

Result Automation with the power of AI

Yes! For the first time in India, we’re soon introducing this feature for the organizers on our app to automate the results by just uploading a screenshot with the power of AI. We literally can’t wait for you all to try it out hence launching this feature super soon!

We hope that you got to learn something from this issue of our newsletter. Stay tuned for more!

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