Esports Weekly (09/05/22)

Community May 9, 2022

"I believe Esports will rival the biggest traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities, and between advertising, ticket sales, licensing, sponsorships and merchandising, there are tremendous growth areas for this nascent industry."

These are the words of Steve Borenstein, Chairman of Activision Blizzard’s Esports Division and Former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network.

We agree wholeheartedly with Steve on this statement. Esports is the future of today's generation. It's speculated to be one of the biggest sectors in the coming times.

In the fourth issue of Tournafest's weekly newsletter, take a look at a few recent developments in the Esports world and some interesting recommendations for you.

Welcome to the fourth issue of our Weekly Newsletter, the 'Esports Weekly'.

Week's Best Reads

Here are some of our best reads from the week that you might find interesting:

The rise of Pokemon Unite within a year

Pokemon Unite rose to another level in the past year across the globe. It's surprising to see how the game entered and conquered the market in such a short time period. Take a look at this blog to know more about it.


The third season of Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific is now out!

COD, everyone's favorite game is back with the third season of Warzone Pacific and it is everything you could expect from the iconic game. Read this blog to know more about this latest update!


Tekken- The Game that Inspired Movies?

Did you know that a game that all of us have been big fans of in our childhood, 'Tekken', has inspired a movie too? It has always been the other way round but with the increasing popularity of video games, everything's changing. Read this blog to know more about this interesting reveal.


India’s Top Rank In The Gaming Market?

No, this isn't clickbait. You'd be surprised to know the growing figures and the share of the Indian Esports Market on the global level. Read this blog and feel proud of India as our Esports Market smashes all the numbers in the coming times.


Universities and Colleges providing academic courses in gaming

People are discarding gaming as an original profession whereas, at the same time, some of the top universities and colleges of the world are making available academic courses and degrees for students to get into the gaming industry. If you're a gaming enthusiast or if Esports fascinate you, these colleges and courses are definitely for you.

The University of Southern California

USC Games offers four-degree programs in distinct areas of game design and development. At the undergraduate level, it offers both a Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media & Games and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with an emphasis in Games. If you're a tech enthusiast and want to pursue a career in gaming, you can look up this course.

Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT provides MS in Game Design and Development. The degree is ranked as the #5 program in the nation by The Princeton Review as one of the best game design master's degrees in the U.S. If you like designing, then you can look up this course for game designing.

University of Central Florida

UCF provides some of the best courses in gaming design. Ranked nationally as the No. 1 graduate game design program and the No. 14 undergraduate game design program by The Princeton Review and PC Gamer magazine, UCF prepares students for work well before they leave the classroom — teaching the most advanced game-design skills and providing the knowledge top employers look for.

If you are planning to make a career in the Gaming industry and pursue it as a higher education too, these courses are definitely worth trying.

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