Esports Weekly (06/06/2022)

Community Jun 6, 2022

New Esports tournament organizers are now increasing at a very rapid rate in the Esports scenario because of the ever-growing opportunities in this field. Having said that, Tournafest has ensured to make accessible all the details you need to know to venture deeper into the Gaming world to our beloved audience. Along with that, the past week had some interesting announcements that we've presented in a detailed manner in this latest issue of our newsletter.

We, at Tournafest are determined to keep our gaming community and Esports enthusiasts updated about everything going on in the industry. Hence we present to you the Issue Eight of ‘Esports Weekly’.

Best Reads From The Week!

From the multiple articles we delivered this week, here are some of the best reads that you might find interesting:

Epic Games and it's 31 year-long journey in the Esports Industry

Epic Games is one of the most prominent known companies when we talk about developers in the Gaming Industry. In this blog, we've talked about the history of the company and how it rose to the position it is in today.

News Updates from this week

Ray Liotta, the voice of GTA Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti passed away

Ray Liotta, the Goodfellas star and everyone's favorite character, Tommy Vercetti’s voiceover actor passed away recently at the age of 67. His legacy will be remembered forever! Rest in Power! Read more here.

Galaxy Racer, the Esports Powerhouse, will combine the Crypto of the Metaverse and the Real World!

Galaxy Racer went all the way whole announcing the combination of Crypto of the real world and Metaverse, the two hottest topics in the market. Read this blog where we've completely covered this latest issue.

BGMI series schedule announced

BGMI has made a significant mark in the Indian Esports Market since its release after the ban of PUBG. In this blog, we've discussed everything about the ongoing BGMI Pro series, that you need to know and catch up with before you start to watch the series.

New Series update!

‘Tournament Organiser’ is a highly emerging occupation in the gaming industry these days.

This week, Tournafest released a whole new series on the roles, opportunities, strategies on how to build an audience as an Esports organizer, and everything that you would want to know if you're an organizer or planning to be one in the future.

Best investment options for Esports organizers to make

Good Investments for Esports Organizers to Make
If you are an Esports organiser, then you will have to see your organisation as a business, and, of course, have to make tons of investments in that area. However, investments bring risks along, and before you do anything, you have to thoroughly study for that. Hence, in today’s

How to make money as an Esports organizer

How to make money as an Esports organizer?
There has been quite a commotion going around about the roles, responsibilities and perks of being an organiser. People interested in the organising side of Esports often wonder about how to make money while organising and managing tournaments. In this blog, we will simplify the few steps you need t…

How to build your Esports Community as an Esports organizer

How to build your Esports Community as an Organizer?
As an organizer, you will always have many responsibilities for growing your community and ensuring that your organisation is recognised by the entire gaming community. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how to build your Esports community as an organiser. Once you can establish your own Espor…

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