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Esports vs Real Sports: Which is better?

Community Jun 14, 2022

This is something that has been raised in question in recent years, as Esports has been growing in recent times. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be getting into the whole debate about which one is better, Esports or traditional Sports. Hence, there seems to be quite a conflict between these two modes of sports, and people seem to be taking sides with either of the teams. If you are in the gaming community, you will, of course, feel that Esports is better. The older generation of athletes will be siding with traditional sports for various reasons.

Differences between Esports and Sports

Though we know that there is not much to add to what we all know already, let us get into the basic differences between Esports and traditional Sports:


The first thing is the game's complexity. Well, this is quite a subjective point. For a lot of the younger generation, it is easier to understand a video game, and what is going on there, rather than understand the rules of traditional sports like baseball or even cricket. However, for the majority of the people in this world right now, many will agree that traditional sports are easier to understand. If we compare football to any RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, then there will be a lot of different views. Many will consider that football is relatively easier to understand, whereas many will feel that the RTS games are easier to carry out. As a result, you cannot say one is easier than the other; it all depends on the person watching the specific sports, and their rating of the complexity is based on how much they are exposed to video games or the Sports.


This is one of the major differences between Sports and Esports. This is also the reason why Esports took over such popularity during the Pandemic. For sports, you will need to have all the players up close, and in the same room. You cannot have the players in different rooms, or in different areas to play the matches. Hence, when the world was hit by the Pandemic, there was a surge in the number of Esports viewers. For Esports, you could be in different countries, but if you have an internet connection, that is all it takes. Hence, there is a high chance in the future that Esports might come to prevail for the very reason that the audience and the players themselves need not be in the same location to enjoy the whole game, or to play it.

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This is something that has been under debate for quite some time now. At first, when Esports started to gain some ground, there were still some doubts regarding the revenue it was generating and how the finances were being handled. However, in comparison, traditional sports were generating larger revenues, and the athletes were getting paid well enough. However, after the Pandemic, things started to change drastically. The Esports industry is evolving and has been generating quite a huge amount of revenue. As the audience is growing, some of the Esports companies have even managed to get huge companies as their sponsors. All of this has helped Esports come to the level of traditional Sports. If we were to compare now, an Esports player and an athlete are now quite the same once they win a Championship or something of that sort. Therefore, there is not much difference between the revenue generated now and However, there is speculation that Esports might overtake Sports in the finance sector very soon.


Now let us look into some of the aspects where the world of Esports and Sports are quite similar:


This is quite an obvious and common similarity between both areas. There needs to be enough people who will be participating in the games. Even if they do not have to be in the same room, Esports does not need people who will be playing the games, and Sports will need players or athletes who will be participating in the various categories. Hence, they do function in quite a similar pattern, just that the platform is quite different.


This is another very similar point between both aspects. Both Esports and Sports take quite a bit of time. Both are played for at least an hour, and tournaments are held for both. This is something that makes it all the more interesting. Imagine the hype during the World Cups all over the world, and also the hype in the USA during the Super Bowl. Similarly, not only the gaming community but also the same generation has been getting hyped regarding the League of Legends World Championships and also the Valorant Championship Tour. Therefore, you can hardly draw the line between all these tournaments that are celebrated with extreme pomp and grandeur.

This was taken on the last game that the Raiders had at the Coliseum at Oakland, CA.
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Which Has a Better Future: Esports or Sports?

This is something that has also been debated for quite some time. There is no doubt that Esports is getting into the limelight quite quickly. Esports is getting quite close to the viewership for the NFL, and this is already a huge sign enough. Therefore, it is quite safe to say that Esports is the future. As it is a relatively new thing, hence it has a good future. It has already managed to get into the Asian communities and is becoming relevant in the American and the British communities gradually.  

Credits to OnlineGrad. Data on the viewers for both the categories.

On the other hand, traditional sports have no newness in them. To put it in simple terms, traditional sports have become stagnant. It is the same sports, same tournaments and leagues. Therefore, it is quite safe to say that traditional sports have lost the capacity to welcome or attract any new group of people into their fan base. However, that does not mean that Sports will soon go out of fashion, or people will not follow them. Traditional sports will be something evergreen, however, we can consider that Esports will be another addition to the massive categories of Sports.

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