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Esports Awards 2022- Esports Personality of the Year Nominees

Newsroom Jul 4, 2022

If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the portal for voting. Yes, you are the one who will be making the final decision on all the aspects of the Esports Awards. The general public will vote on who will receive the awards. Hence, in the Esports Awards 2022 series, we will be looking at each of the categories, and giving you a detailed description of what is what, to help you choose better!

Nominees of the Esports Personality of the Year

Let us look into all the nominations for the Esports Personality of the Year:


If you have looked into the other categories, specifically the Content Series of the Year, then you might have already known about HECZ. However, if you do not know who he is, well, let us introduce you to the CEO of OpTic Gaming. His full name is Hector Rodriguez. He could be considered as a player who had joined the team and then finally got into the position of CEO. The path was always not that smooth. There were many times when he had changed organisations and had even quit OpTic Gaming as a CEO. Finally, with the separation from Envy, HECZ is back with OpTic Gaming and is trying to have a good time in the Esports world.


Credits to AFK Gaming. S1mple.

If you are a massive fan of CS: Go, then we are quite sure that this man needs no introduction at all. S1mple is currently one of the most popular and best players in the Esports community. He has been in this game ever since 2013, and he seems to be getting only the best at it. Currently, he is signed with Natus Vincere.


Once someone starts watching the League of Legends World Championship, or the tournaments that are hosted by Riot, they will get to know Sjokz. Eefje Depoortere is her real name, and she is one of the permanent faces when it comes to hosting the League of Legends tournaments. She has become an integral part of the whole tournament, and fans specifically want her for the Finals if she is not available throughout.


Credits to Forbes. Ocelote.

As OpTic Gaming’s CEO had got a nomination, and hence there must be another CEO nomination who has equally worked hard for the betterment of his organisation. The person is none other than Ocelote, Carlos Rodrguez Santiago, who used to be a League of Legends Esports player but is now the CEO of G2 Esports. He is one hard-working man and has brought on some refreshing changes in the organisation to make all the various teams better.


Another popular CS: Go Esports player is now retired. He was once also an owner of an Esports organisation known as g3nerationX, which used to hold CS: Go tournaments in South America mostly. Though the organisation is no more, gAuLeS, or Alexandre Borba, is now a full-time Twitch streamer, and this is also the place where he holds tons of Cs: Go tournaments online and hosts them in Portuguese.


This is quite a proud moment for the Indian Esports community, as this is the first time an Indian Esports personality is being nominated for the award. Mortal or Naman Sandeep Mathur used to be a PUBG player until it got banned. However, now he is a professional streamer and also a BGMI player. He also founded the Esports organisation Team SouL.


The world's most popular League of Legends Esports player. He belongs to T1 and has been playing with them for quite a long time. He is considered to be one of the greatest in the whole game. Usually, whenever he is the opponent, you are sure to get some rounds as your loss for sure. Though he usually manages to win most matches, he faced a bit of backlash after the loss in the MSI Invitational 2022.


We have another Esports organisation CEO in the nominations again. The 100 Thieves CEO, Matthew Haag, used to be a professional Call of Duty player, who had gradually risen through the ranks to get himself to the position of CEO. He had not always been a part of this team. He was also the captain of the OpTic Gaming COD team! Therefore, even though he has faced quite some ups and downs, currently he seems to be quite determined to make 100T one of the best Esports organisations in the world.


Credits to Liquidipedia. Goldenboy.

Also known as Alex Mendez, he is another of the popular Esports commentators in the community. He is usually seen hosting tournaments of Call of Duty and Halo. However, he is most well known for his commentary on Overwatch. Therefore, he is a big fan favourite and, in fact, usually does not miss any of the major tournaments or leagues in the Overwatch community.


Also known as Nicolle Merhy, she is known for being a popular Rainbox Six Siege Esports player professionally. She has since retired and is now an entrepreneur in the world of Esports. However, what has recently made her so popular is her sudden ownership of the Esports organisation, Black Dragons. She is currently running the whole Esports company alone.


Whatever name he goes by, the classic white tee guy on YouTube and Twitch can be recognised at any time, anywhere. He is a professional streamer and is usually known for his commentary videos. He not only plays games, but he also has lengthy discussions and analyses of various aspects and fields of the esports world that the general public is not always aware of.


If you are a Free Fire fan, then you have already seen Nobru or Bruno Goes. He is a professional Esports player from Brazil. However, he used to be part of the Corinthians, but recently he became the founder and CEO of Fluxo, his own Esports organisation.


These were all the nominations under the category of Esports Content Series of the Year. Make sure to vote for your favourite here.

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Esports Awards 2022- Esports Content Series of the Year Nominees
If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the

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