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Esports Awards 2022- Esports Mobile Game of the Year Nominees

Newsroom Jul 2, 2022

If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the portal for voting. Yes, you are the one who will be deciding on all the aspects of the esports Awards. The general public will vote on who will receive the awards. Hence, in the Esports Awards 2022 series, we will be looking at each of the categories, and giving you a detailed description of what is what, to help you choose better!

The Nominees for the Esports Mobile Game of the Year

Let us get into all the nominations under the category of the Esports Mobile Game of the Year. Remember, these are only the games for which massive leagues, tournaments, and championships are held, and not just all the mobile games released in a year!

Free Fire

Credits to Sportskeeda. Free Fire is recently going through some massive changes.

This is one of the most popular Battle Royale games all across the world right now. However, it is quite a new game in comparison to all the other games that are there in this category. Hence, we are not quite sure how well this game will do under this category. Yet, Garena has been talking about changing the interface of the game and making it better, so there is hope for Free Fire to perform well in the future.

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PUBG Mobile

Credits to PUBG. This is one of the most popular battle royale games played right now. 

Of course, when we are talking about Esports in the mobile gaming world, then there has to be PUBG Mobile too! This is one of the most popular mobile games across the world, and we are quite sure that the majority of the votes would be going to this game. However, it will be interesting to see which game wins if PUBG does not win in this category!

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Credits to Google Play. League of Legends: Wild Rift is relatively a new game. 

Though League of Legends has quite a few versions, the mobile version was released near the end of 2020 and had not been released all across the world. For example, the game is still not available in India. Therefore, the game might not get that much of an overwhelming majority of votes. The game still needs to get enough popularity, and the tournaments held for the game are not that well known either. Hence, it still has a long way to go before reaching the status of the original League of Legends.

Pokémon Unite

Credits to The Verge. Pokémon Unite.

Even though this game came out quite later, Pokémon Unite was released last year. Hence, though there have been quite a few tournaments and such, the fan base has not grown strong enough for the game to get an overwhelming majority of votes. However, we hope that all the games in the category do well, and so does Pokémon Unite. It would be quite interesting to see a game like Pokémon Unite defeat all the battle royale games in the category.

Arena of Valor

Credits to Forbes. Arena of Valor.

This is another Mobile Online Battle Arena (MOBA) that is quite similar to League of Legends: Wild Rift. However, it has come out a long time ago. There would be a strict competition between Arean of Valor and PUBG to get the main title in the category. Both these games have been on the scene since the same time, and are considered to be equally popular and have a wide fan base.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Credits to Giftcards Homepage. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Even though Riot has been trying to sue the game for quite some time, as they feel that the game keeps on copying their concept of League of Legends, the game in itself has its popularity. They have been holding some good Leagues and Championships across the year, and many Esports teams do take part in them. Hence, it will be quite interesting to see how they will perform in this category. If they somehow manage to surpass League of Legends: Wild Rift, then it would be a massive blow to Riot’s reputation.

If you want to know more details about Riot calling the game a copy, you can read it here:

Riot sues a company once again for “copying” League of Legends.
> Riot Games is suing another company for the second time for copying theirpopular game League of Legends Wildrift.> Moonton is getting a lawsuit for the second time, as they have again come upwith a very similar game. Previously, they had done the same thing with two moregames.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Credits to Activision Games Blog. Call of Duty: Mobile.

Of course, you can not forget another one of the most popular battle royale mobile games, COD Mobile. Call of Duty is an extremely popular game when it comes to PC Games, and the PC Esports community. However, even when it comes to mobile gaming, it is extremely popular. This game is also going to be a strong contender against PUBG. There is also a slight chance that CODM might even surpass PUBG, for CODM has quite a wider fan base all across the world than PUBG, which is more popular in Asian countries.

Brawl Stars

Credits to Brawl Star's Youtube. Brawl Stars.

This is another battle arena game that came out back in 2017, and it is quite popular for its fun graphics and even more enjoyable tournaments and leagues. However, with many tight competitors, it would be quite difficult for Brawl Stars to get into the top 3 spots. However, we hope that next year they will manage to improve on their gaming interface and tournaments to attract more people and build a wider fan base.


These were all the nominations under the category of Esports Mobile Game of the Year. Make sure to vote for your favourite here.

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