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Esports Awards 2022- Esports Content Series of the Year Nominees

Newsroom Jul 2, 2022

If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the portal for voting. Yes, you are the one who will be making the final decision on all the aspects of the Esports Awards. The general public will vote on who will receive the awards. Hence, in the Esports Awards 2022 series, we will be looking at each of the categories, and giving you a detailed description of what is what, to help you choose better!

Nominees for Esports Content Series of the Year

Without wasting much time, let us get into the nominees for the Esports Content Series of the Year:

The Story Of…(theScoreesports)

If you are interested in Esports Content Series and have been following certain Esports organizations, you must have come across theScore esports at some point. However, they have a lot of content on their channel, but the best series that has been nominated for the Esports awards this year is The Story Of... Basically, the whole series is about various Esports personalities and even Esports culture. They conduct extensive research on various topics, including where they originated, how they became so popular, and how they are so influential. Not only this, but sometimes, they also talk about how effective these personalities or topics are going to be in the future too. Once you catch up with all the 192 episodes of the series, you will know the whole Esports world like the back of your hand.

The Process by OpTic Gaming

If you are a massive OpTic Gaming fan, then you must be a huge fan of "The Process" too! OpTic fans are in love with the content series owing to the fact that they get to see their favourite team and members behind the scenes, where they are preparing for the various tournaments and championships. Not only this, the viewers also get to see the more realistic side of Esports, with various problems among the team members, and also all about burnout. The series has only 9 episodes so far, with more on the way. However, the series has already won the hearts of many of their fans while only being focused on COD and CS: Go teams. They will soon be coming up with the Valorant team too.

T1 The Locker Room

The Locker Room is one of the oldest content series that has been going on on Youtube. T1 introduced the content series for their fans, to see what goes on inside the locker room, right before a major tournament or league. It is sort of a vlog, where we get to see the whole team together, planning out their strategies, talking about various tactics, or just chilling together. Season 6 has been nominated for this year’s Esports Awards. Honestly, the whole series is quite the same, and if you want to get to know T1 better, you can definitely go and check out those vlogs.

G2 Voicecomms

Have you ever wondered what the team members are talking about when a tournament is going on? Well, with G2 Voicecomms, you get to know exactly what goes on when they are right on stage! From talking about what tactic to use right then and there to bashing their opposition, the whole content series feels quite fun to watch, as you try to connect the dots, and see their gameplay. You'll be surprised at how much fun they can have during a serious match, and that feels much better than just watching an intense match!

The Eavesdrop Podcast

This is another podcast that has been quite popular recently for the various aspects of Esports that it covers. The host of the podcast is Hecz, who is the CEO of OpTic Gaming. Hence, a lot of the time, you tend to get into the in-depth background work of an Esports organisation, and also get a lot of insight into the Esports world.


This is more of a documentary or a series on the Karmine Corp, a French Esports organisation. The whole series is made in collaboration with Redbull Checkpoint, and goes through the various tournaments and leagues the organisation takes part in. The whole docuseries is in French, and is quite a good representation of the French people.

Road to the International

This is another docuseries that portrays the various ups and downs faced by the OG Esort’s DOTA team. Each of the episodes follows a wonderful backstory, and shows how the team finally gets out of it together. There are a total of 4 episodes in the series, and yet each of the production values is no less than a movie.


This is an exceptionally well-made mockumentary series by Paramount Plus, and we have high hopes for the series getting the most votes in the Esports Content Series of the Year. The whole series shows the real struggles of an Esports player who is at the top of his game, and how he has to cope with the changing times and the changes in his teams. Any professional gamer will relate to this series. Hence, there is a high chance that the series might end up winning in the category.


These were all the nominations under the category of Esports Content Series of the Year. Make sure to vote for your favourite here.

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