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Esports Awards 2022- Content Group of the Year

Newsroom Jul 12, 2022

If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the portal for voting. Yes, you are the one who will be making the final decision on all the aspects of the Esports Awards. The general public will vote on who will receive the awards. Hence, in the Esports Awards 2022 series, we will be looking at each of the categories, and giving you a detailed description of what is what, to help you choose better!

Nominations for Content Group of the Year

Without waiting much longer, let us get into the list of the nominees for the Content Group of the Year:

100 Thieves

We are quite sure that you are familiar with 100 Thieves, more so because of how in almost all the Esports tournaments and games, you will find their players absolutely dominating in almost all the championships. Furthermore, they are well-known not only for their esports organization, but also for their popularity as a lifestyle brand and content creator. They have managed to create quite a huge team for themselves.

FaZe Clan

This is another one of the popular Esports organisations that you will find in almost every Esports tournament. However, they had started to rise to prominence with CS: Go, and were still known for being home to some of the best CS: Go players. However, aside from that, the FaZe Clan also houses some of the most interesting and best content creators on Youtube and Twitch.

One True King (OTK)

Though you might not find this organisation taking much part in esports tournaments, they usually go for World of Warcraft and League of Legends. They are primarily a media organisation and focus mostly on content creation and streaming.


This media organisation is completely different from the other content-creating groups in the category due to the fact that they are a whole company that is dedicated to content creation. They do not take part in any of the Esports tournaments or anything. They have all their teams dedicated to making content that caters to people in the Esports community, or the gaming community as a whole. In fact, they also have their very own platform.

Tribo Gaules

Gaules has been nominated in tons of categories, and his very own content creator group, though not a fully functional group yet, is already quite popular. As mentioned before, he usually hosts Esports tournaments in his region, to promote the small Esports teams to rise higher in the ranks and get to the national level.

Offline TV

This is perhaps one of the most wholesome and fun content creator groups, which houses some of the most well-known streamers across the world. They do not take part much in Esports tournaments, but have a huge fan following for their content and streams on various games, vlogs, etc.

Full Squad Gaming

This is basically the social gaming brand of NRG Esports. They have created a separate digital media brand to provide a platform for the content creators to produce content that targets the average gamer. This is quite a new idea, and it seems that they are getting better at it. Their fans seem to love the whole concept, and they have gained a decent number of fans following this.

Team Summertime

A lot of professional Esports players always retire from the esports world after some time, and then they go back to being streamers full time. This is the whole backbone, or the reason Team Summertime has been created. Three of the most popular Esports players, Hitch, Blake, and JorgeNotGeorge, have come together to become full-time streamers under their newly founded content creation group, Team Summertime.

S8ul Esports

This is an Indian content-creating group formed by an alliance with Team Soul and 8bit. This is quite a new addition to the Indian Esports community, as it shows that the country is gradually adapting to the whole esports market thing. The Soul Esports typically houses all Team Soul members, who gather for various content and streams.


You really can not expect the category to get over without LOUD not being a part of the nominations. They are a Brazilian Esports organisation who are the only Esports content creator channel that has managed to reach 1 billion subscribers on Youtube. This is quite huge owing to the fact that there are tons of more popular Esports organisations like FaZe Clan or OpTic Gaming who have hardly made it to 10 million yet!


These were all the nominations under the category of Esports Content Series of the Year. Make sure to vote for your favorite here.

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If you keep yourself quite up to date with whatever is going on in the Esports world, then you must be aware of the fact that the esports Awards are coming! Though the Award Ceremony will be held later this year, the Panel has already decided to open up the

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