Esports athletes who took retirement to pursue a streaming career. Photo via Pinterest.

Esports athletes who took retirement to pursue a streaming career. Photo via Pinterest. 

Esports athletes who took retirement to pursue streaming career!

Gamers Stories Dec 27, 2022

Esports athletes who took retirement to pursue a streaming career.

Sometimes player gives up their longstanding esports careers to pursue streaming. Although streaming is far from competitive gaming there is more stability in the former and while esports careers are shortlived streaming is more reliable and provides a steady source of income. While competitive esports can be very taxing, streaming has been more of a relaxing job in direct comparison.

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Some of the biggest esports athletes have given up their careers at their apex to become full-time streamers and while most of them are not household names like Shroud, some of the have done well others not so much. While said gamers were able to establish a viewer base off their streaming fame but in the world of Twitch, it is more difficult to retain the viewership.

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek

Shroud retired from pro CS to stream. Photo via Sentinel. 

One of the greatest names in esports, "shroud" has had a celebrated vocation in professional gaming from the beginning in 2013, he skipped around different CS:GO groups like Intricacy, Exertus eSports, and Manajuma (every single great group), before ultimately becoming famous in Cloud9 as a pragmatic IGL. Be that as it may, in 2018 he resigned ceremoniously and started streaming full-time on Jerk alongside making content for his watchers. He became one of the most-seen assortment decorations out there, streaming titles like PUBG, Peak Legends, and Valorant, just to give some examples. He broadly took a leap toward Twitch's rival Mixer but that was far from ideal and ended up in a failure and returned under a year after the fact to a stunning 516,000 viewers.

Brandon “Seagull” Larned

Seagull retired from Overwatch to stream. Photo via Liquidpedia. 

He has been one of the most prominent names in the Overwatch League debut season was an achievement for "Seagull." Watching him play for the Dallas Fuel was a joy for the majority of his devotees because of his lively character and out-and-out clutch plays. Be that as it may, in mid-2018 the Overwatch force to be reckoned with educated everybody regarding his opposition burnout and happened to retire, no doubt arousing a lot of consternation for OWL Fans. He consistently streamed Overwatch alongside his feline Arthas to his 1 million Twitch fans until January 2021, when he declared he would be having some time off from gushing for years to come to zero in on his emotional wellness.

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Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag

Nadeshot has been one of the biggest names in Esports. Photo via 100 Thieves. 

Maybe one of the most famous names in Call of Duty out there, "Nadeshot" was an awe-inspiring phenomenon in the COD serious esports scene from 2010-2014, exhibiting his gifts in the group OpTic Gaming. He resigned in 2015 and has since flourished in the result. Other than using his business degree to shape the cutthroat esports organisation 100 Thieves an organisation that he owns and has been the executor of and routinely streams Valorant to his 1.6 million fans on Twitch.

Marcus “Dyrus” Hill

Dyrus has been a big name in esports. Photo via Liquidpedia. 

"Dyrus" began from humble starting points in Honolulu, Hawaii. In spite of familial second thoughts about a lifelong in gaming (what family didn't in those days?), he arrived at the greatest phases of a significant number of Haha's set of experiences in 2012-2015. He became perhaps TSM's most brilliant star in LoL's initial days. He was selected as a substitution for The Rain Man, being their primary mid laner and a flat-out force to be reckoned with in his speciality. Resigning in 2015 to the solace of his own work area, he has amassed an amazing 1.5 million adherents on his Twitch, chiefly because of his notoriety with TSM, continually streaming games like GTA, ApexLegends, and Conqueror's Blade.

Daniel “dafran” Francesca

One of the most prominent names in Overwatch. Photo via ATL Rgn. 

"Dafran" played Overwatch for Magnanimous Gaming in 2018 (where he was suspended for tossing games as well as other disagreeable activities) and the Atlanta Reign in 2019 (where he back-peddled in taking part with the group no less than multiple times in the span of four months) prior to resigning to stream a huge number of less upsetting games on Twitch. A fascinating goody about him is that notwithstanding his notorious standing on the web, he has a remarkable following and had the top-selling Overwatch League shirt in the 2019 season.

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