Credits to Epic Games. Epic Games has brought in a brand new creator program. 

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine brings the 2nd edition of the Women Creators Program

Newsroom Jun 18, 2022

Epic Games has always been known as a company that tries to bring forward new policies and programmes that benefit not only their own people but the people of all the communities. In today’s news blog, we will be getting into Epic Games’ Women Creators Program which will be getting its 2nd Edition this time. The first time they came up with the concept, it was much appreciated all across the world, and the fact that they are willing to do it the second time, speaks a lot about the success of the program, and the company.

What is the Women Creators Program?

Now coming to the main point, what is exactly the Women Creators program? It is a creator programme by Epic Games, which aims to bring the best out of their Unreal Engine. This Creators Program is selecting up to 21 women across the world, and from there they will be taught and trained to use the Unreal Engine. This will demonstrate to them the best features of the Engine, and through this content creation and game design, designing is going to be a cakewalk. However, after all the training and everything is done, There will be some sort of testing, and then only 10 women will be selected. These 10 women can also be hired by Epic Games for their teams, or they can also be hired by other companies.

Credits to Unreal Engine 5 is one of the most popular game engines now. 

Hence, this Women Creators Program will make women more significant in the community, and this will also give them a little bit of a boost in the opportunity. Also, the Women Creators Program will help women reach new heights. Finally, the 2nd Edition of the Program is all set to be started.

When is the Women Creators Program going to start?

The first set of 21 women has already been declared on May 16. The first phase started on June 10th, and the final training will end on July 7th. Hence, after the end of the training, they will be going through some sort of tests that will help the judges choose any 10 women among the group. This could be based on a series of tests or the overall performance throughout the whole training period. After this, the 2nd phase, or edition, so to say, will be starting their advanced training and programming. After a short while, they will be either chosen by the company to work for Epic Games, or they can even go ahead and choose their path. All the participants will be professional game designers, VFX artists, and content creators using the Unreal Engine.

This is an amazing initiative taken by Epic Games, and we hope that they are successful in their endeavours. Hence, if you are interested in the whole program, and have missed it, then make sure to keep an eye out for the next time such a programme or opportunity comes up.

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