Credits to TechRadar. Epic Games is going for a new venture.

Epic Games Raises $2 Billion in Funding for Its Metaverse from Sony and Lego

Newsroom Apr 14, 2022
Epic Games is collaborating with Lego for a metaverse.
They have managed to raise a funding of $2 billion.
Sony is also going to be a part of this venture.

A few days back, there was news about Epic Games collaborating with Lego and coming up with the idea of forming a metaverse. It seems, that they are quite invested in the idea, and are trying to start the process as soon as possible. Epic Games was open to taking funding, and it is safe to say that they have managed to collect a huge amount, which would be enough for the time being. All of this progress could point to one thing: the metaverse will be released soon.

What Exactly Is the Epic Games Metaverse?

We have covered all about the Epic Games’ Metaverse before. You can click here to read all about it in detail.

Credits to MarkWattsVLG’s YouTube. The Epic Games Metaverse is soon to come!

Epic Games has decided to make a metaverse that is safe for children and is trying to work on it. They want to create a creative space for children so that they can enjoy the world of Metaverse and also enhance their creative side. Epic Games is known for coming up with such ideas, and hence, it seems that they are fully invested in bringing out the creative side of the future holders of the world.

How much funding did Epic Games get?

Now we come to the main question of the blog: how much did Epic Games get as funding, and which companies stood by their cause? You might be glad to know that Epic Games has got total funding of $2 billion, which could be calculated to be approximately Rs 15,223 crores. We have more good news for you! Only two companies have given their funds to Epic Games, and this is quite a huge investment. The two companies that have decided to invest in this venture are Sony and Kirkbi. This was quite an unexpected juncture, and yet we are more than glad that this collaboration is happening.

Credits to El Mundo Tech. The three companies will be working together in this.

Sony and Kirkbi have given $1 billion each to Epic Games, and there is no doubt that both of them are going to have an equal share in this idea. Hence, it will be quite interesting to find out how the three companies will be handling the whole metaverse formation. Yet, we are quite certain that all of them will bring their expertise to bear to make the metaverse suitable for children.

But why Sony and Kirkbi?

Now one might think as to why did Sony and Kirkbi of all the companies decide to go for this venture. Well, let us get into Kirkbi first. As some of you might know, Kirkbi is the family holding company and also the investment company behind Lego. As we were talking about it before, Lego first stepped up to collaborate with Epic Games on the metaverse. Therefore, it was a given that Kirkbi would give its investment to Epic Games too.

Credits to Capacity Media. This Metaverse will be only for kids.

In terms of Sony, the CEO stated that as an entertainment company, they were already very excited to enter the field of the metaverse. Also, they are quite excited about collaborating with Epic Games' strong gaming engine and bringing in their technological innovations. What they all want to say is that bringing in Sony would make the metaverse more technologically adept and stronger to handle the complications of the metaverse.

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