Credits to Business Today. Epic Games and Lego will be collaborating for a project.

Epic Games and Lego have partnered to provide a metaverse experience for children

Newsroom Apr 14, 2022
Epic Games is collaborating with Lego to do something for children.
They are most possibly working on a Metaverse.
They will make sure that the Metaverse will be child-friendly.

Epic Games is known for making Fortnite, and they are coming up with more interactive projects and games that will be better and more interactive for the players. They are attempting to establish themselves as a company that is not only focused on launching and developing games, but also on creating a gaming environment that is safe and developmental for all. Therefore, Epic Games has recently collaborated with Legos to come up with something quite interesting that is sure to change the whole gaming world completely.

What is the Collaboration Between Epic Games and Lego All About?

Well, now that we have got your attention, we will be getting into what this collaboration means between Epic Games and Lego. Though there is not much information regarding what they are up to, we know that it is related to the metaverse. They are trying to come up with a metaverse world where it would be safe for children. The first idea was that they would be creating a metaverse world for children. However, during the planning, they realised that it would not be a good idea if the children were allowed into the metaverse without restrictions. There might be a lot of problems.

Credits to Venture Beat. There could be a new metaverse now. 

Already, many children play video games in an unrestricted manner, and that takes a toll on their mental development. To make the metaverse safer and more child-friendly, Epic Games and Lego are developing one for themselves that will include certain features that will ensure the child's safety and that their best interests come first. They also want to empower the children with various tools that would help them develop mentally. This would make gaming a better experience for children, and parents can also feel relieved that their kids will not be badly influenced by the video games they are playing.

When will this Metaverse go Live?

Now, this is another question that everyone will want to know the answer to. Unfortunately, we do not have much information regarding what they are exactly up to. All we know is that they will be working on a metaverse that will be safe for children. As they have announced this quite recently, there is a high chance that the whole princess will take quite some time. Therefore, we can assume that it will take a minimum of one year for this metaverse to go live. We do not know about all the tools that they are planning to use in the metaverse.

Credits to Voicebot. This Metaverse is strictly going to be for kids.

However, if they are going to make a metaverse for children, then they will have to work on a lot of things. This is because the metaverse has already been notoriously infamous for being quite addictive, and something where children should not be allowed to go. Because anyone can interact with anyone and do whatever they want in the metaverse, adults must constantly monitor what their children are doing. Yet, Lego and Epic Games are known for coming up with fun interactive content that ensures that the environment is safe for children. Therefore, we can expect that there will be some good content from them soon.

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