Credits to PCMag. The DDR5 is out now!

DDR5 is finally arriving for PC Gaming!

Newsroom May 6, 2022
DDR5 has been released by G.skill.
It is coming in different categories and kits!
Only two processors will be supporting the memory stick for now.
Prices have not yet been revealed.

There is some good news for all the gamers out there! DDR5 has finally come out for PC Gaming, and what more? It is better than all the other memory sticks you have been using! Don’t believe us? We will be getting into the details of DDR5 and how it is going to make your gaming experience better. G.Skill has been working on this memory stick for quite some time, and fans are now bewildered about the fact that this memory stick has finally hit the market. In today’s blog, we will be getting into all the details about the DDR5.

What is the DDR5?

G.Skill is a company that makes all the memory sticks that are extremely popular among PC gamers and users, They have finally launched the DDR5 and there is nothing better than this. It comes under the category of Trident Z5 RGB, Trident Z5 and Ripjaws S5. It comes in as a DDR5 memory stick with sub–30 CAS latency. These memory sticks will come in two options: 32 GB and 64 GB in kits. Hence, you can get the kits that will suit your preferences and will be better for your PC.

Credits to PCWorld. It comes in two categories 32 GB and 64 GB. 

What benefits will the DDR5 bring?

The DDR5 has a sub-30 CAS latency, as mentioned before. This means that the latency is quite high in the memory stick. There is a popular myth that says the higher the frequency, the better the performance. Though not completely false, what is more important is the latency of the memory stick. You will have to understand that the latency is the performance, and the frequency is the maximum limit of that performance. The memory stick doesn't need to always perform up to the maximum limit. Hence, it is extremely important to notice the latency of the stick more than anything.

Credits to TechPowerUp. You get extremely good performance from the memory sticks. 

The higher the performance, the better you will be able to get your in-game experience. This means that your games will load faster, and your refresh rate and frames per second will be higher too. All of this would give you the best experience possible in heavy games too! This makes PC gamers all the more interested in buying the DDR5. The memory stick seems to have reached a new height in in-game experience that people would want to experience at least once.

Which processors will support DDR5?

For now, we know that Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake processors and AMD’s Zen 4 will allow DDR5 to run on their processors. However, other processors and processing systems are yet to be updated to support this type of high-speed processing. Due to the lack of processors supporting the memory sticks, the price of the memory sticks is still quite high. If more processors keep supporting the sticks, there is a chance that the price will gradually fall.

Credits to Rock Paper Shotgun. Intel’s 12th Gen Alder Lake processors.

The cost of the DDR5

This is the main question. What is the price of the DDR5? Well, nothing has yet been announced about the price of the memory stick, but we can estimate that it is going to be on the expensive side. It is a new memory stick with high power functions that is still not compatible with many processors. We have to keep waiting until G.skill finally decides to announce the price.

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