The Commonwealth Games 2022 is going on with its full grandeur, and we are here for it!

Credits to Khel Now. The Commonwealth Games 2022 is going on with its full grandeur, and we are here for it!

Commonwealth Games 2022: India's schedule & results on August 5

Newsroom Aug 6, 2022

In this blog, we will be getting into all the results of the Day 5 of the Commonwealth Games 2022!

India has been doing fairly well in the Commonwealth Games 2022!
The country is absolutely dominating in the field of Wrestling and Badminton!
Additionally, the country has secured a bronze medal in DOTA 2 for the first time!

The Commonwealth Games are going on with the full force, and we are quite excited to witness the best of sports events, and even Esports tournaments that are all set to be held on this day. You might have already noticed that the Commonwealth Games are already drawing to a close, and all the events are gradually getting wrapped up. What was more interesting was that the Esports Championships are in the process of being wrapped up, and it has to be one of the most satisfying experiences. In this blog, we will be getting into India’s schedule for the Commonwealth Games 2022 on August 5, 2022.

What are the events that India participated in on August 5?

These are the following events that India participated in on Day 8 of the Commonwealth Games:

  • Lawn Bowls
  • Table Tennis
  • Para table Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Hockey
  • Esports Championships- DOTA 2

What were the Results of these Events?

Well, now if you did not get the time to watch the events, then you might be curious as to what the results were for the events; They are as follows:

Lawn Bowls

Well, the first match of Lawn Bowls was the women’s category, and unfortunately they lost in the quarterfinals. This was quite a sad blow to the Indian fans. However, in the latter half, in the men’s tournament, India had qualified to go to the Semifinals.

Table Tennis

India has performed exceptionally well in table tennis, with most of the players qualifying for the SemiFinals and QuaterFinals.

Para Table Tennis

In the Para Table Tennis, Bhavina had shown exceptional form and had managed to bring India to the semifinals.


There is no doubt that India has always shone the brightest in the wrestling category, and it is still leading in the charts!


Unfortunately, in the athletics section, in the women’s category, India could not make it to the final.


India has been doing exceptionally well in the field of badminton, with PV Sidhu, Kidambi Srikanth, Aakarshi Kashyap, and Lakshya Sen leading with their points.


It seems that India has been performing moderately well, and only further tournaments would give us an understanding of how they are actually performing.


The national sport of the country is supposed to perform well in the Commonwealth. However, things seem to be quite difficult. They have lost to Australia, and will be facing New Zealand, and if they manage to win that match, they will definitely win the bronze.


In the Esports Championships, India had gone home with an impressive qualifying match in DOTA 2. We were holding our breath for their victory, as the team seemed to easily dominate over all the teams that went against them. However, their losses against England and Malysia were indeed quite painful. Yet, India has managed to secure a Bronze for the Esports Championships, and we cannot be prouder!

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