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Commonwealth Games 2022 Has Announced New Esports Titles!

Newsroom Mar 27, 2022


For you lazy peeps who do not want to read so much, here is a sneak peek: Commonwealth Games has added new three Esports titles which might change the face of Esports. We will get to know when the Commonwealth Games 2022 is going to commence & the Esports Titles for Asian Games 2022.

We have some amazing news for gamers who have been looking forward to Commonwealth Games 2022. Olympics have announced the games, and also the titles. They were aiming at more inclusivity and hence introduced three titles, and one of them is also for women. Gamers were more than excited to know about all the new games that will be included in the lineups for this year. Additionally, there will be two major Esports gaming leagues in 2022 for which the gamers are pretty hyped up.

Now without further ado, let us get into all the new Esports titles that are to be included this year. There will be DOTA2, Rocket League, and E-football series as the titles. This is a new inclusion with the growing popularity of all these games. There will be many more to come. As you might know, Commonwealth Games have been trying to include more games as titles to give gamers a better platform to showcase their talents. Lastly, there is a specific title for women's Esports. This is quite refreshing to watch as women have not been properly represented in the Esports area.

When is Commonwealth Games 2022 (Esports) Taking Place?

Commonwealth Games 2022 will take place from August 6th-7th in International Convention Centre, Birmingham. The Esports competition will be held alongside the Commonwealth Games that will be taking place from July 28th. Hence, make sure to save your dates to witness one of the biggest competitive Esports of the year.

Credits to DailyMail. The Esports Arena for the Commonwealth Games looks dope!

Another interesting piece of news is that the Asian Games 2022 is also due this year, and we are more than excited as the event will be held in Hangzhou, China. Asian Games tend to be on another level, and they are offering almost 24 medals for 8 Esports. They are FIFA, the Asian Games version of PUBG, and also Arena of Valor, Leagues of Legends, Street Fighter V, HearthStone, Dream Three Kingdoms 2, and Dota 2.

However, one disappointing thing about this year’s Commonwealth Games is that the titles are not going to have medals for them. This left a lot of fans quite disheartened, as they expected Esports to be given the same prestige as the other Commonwealth games. However, that day is not far when gaming will be given the same respect as any other sport.

Where to Watch Commonwealth Games 2022?

Another important question is that where can you watch Commonwealth Games? Well, it will be directly streamed on BBC iPlayer. Hence, you can tune into the streaming website, and watch the Games live, with little to no delay. Otherwise, there are few options to watch Commonwealth Games on other streaming platforms, or channels. However, there is nothing to worry about as BBC iPlayer is free to watch. You need not go for any subscriptions or anything.

Credits to Esports Insider. The Esports Schedule for the Commonwealth Games 2022.

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