CODM's Clan system: Building a strong community of players. Photo via COD.

CODM's Clan system: Building a strong community of players. Photo via COD.

CODM's Clan system: Building a strong community of players

Strategy Feb 27, 2023

CODM's Clan system: Building a strong community of players.

Call of Duty Mobile's Clan Wars highlight permits you to collaborate with different players to contend in week-by-week challenges for special prizes. Victors can procure a few pretty sweet superficial prizes, and there's actually no disadvantage to taking an interest. This guide will help you realize Clan Wars in Call of Duty Mobile.

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How To Participate in Clan Wars

Every week, your clan will go head to head against five different clans vying for command over a Clan Wars map. All through every six-day Clan Wars event, there will be different test hubs that show up on the guide, which are basically coordinated assignments made accessible to the contending factions.
Not all challenge hubs will be accessible on the very first moment of another test week, yet there will be at least 3 hubs accessible every day. Pick an active node and do the allotted challenge. Hub difficulties could incorporate playing matches of a particular mode, getting a specific number of kills, or utilizing explicit weapons. You acquire Clan Points for your faction by doing the hub task.

It's additionally important that the hubs that become dynamic later in the week are worth more Clan Points than the ones accessible toward the beginning. Thus, regardless of whether your tribe has a sluggish beginning for the week, you can in any case collect nice focuses toward the week's end.

Each map test hub fluctuates long from 24 hours to 3 days. The tribe with the most hub focuses toward the finish as far as possible will win the hub. At the point when a hub closes, it grants Clan Points in view of the top-performing clan.

Players can earn additional bonuses for their node points:

  • 20% bonus for playing matches with at least one other clan member
  • 20% bonus for purchasing the battle pass
  • 30% bonus if clan leader selects a specific node as the key goal
  • 200% bonus for the first three matches you play each day for Clan Wars

How To Join A Clan

If you would rather not pay the 1,500 purchase in that frame of mind with the issue of enrollment, you can continuously join a previous clan to participate in Clan Wars. Once more, this is found by tapping the Clan button on the base focus of the fundamental menu. This will take you to the Clan menu, which permits you to see a rundown of dynamic clans that are searching for new individuals. You can see the name of every clan, the quantities of individuals, their mode inclination, and how dynamic they are for the flow season. Click on the clan you need to join, and afterwards hit the Join or Apply in the base right corner of the screen.

Clan Wars is a week-after-week contest that resets each Tuesday, and you must be in a clan around then to play Clan Wars. On the off chance that you join a clan mid-week, you need to stand by till the following Tuesday to take part with your new clan.

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How To Create A Clan

From Call of Duty's primary menu, tap the Clan and this will take you to the Clan menu. Here you'll see a rundown of clans you can join, however, you'll need to tap the Create Clan button on the upper right of the screen to make your own.

The Create Clan area will give you the choice to name your clan. Moreover, you set the clan's mode inclination as either multiplayer, fight royale or both. Then, at that point, you can set your clan's part applications to have no limitations, application required or shut.

It costs 1,500 Credits to make a clan, yet any other way anybody can make one. Credits are Call of Duty Mobile's remarkable money framework, which is a different cash from the COD Focuses you can purchase across all Call of Duty games.

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