COD Mobile World Championship 2022's Stage 4 has just ended.

Credits to Call of Duty. COD Mobile World Championship 2022's Stage 4 has just ended. 

COD Mobile World Championship 2022 Stage 4 India: Who is going for the Grand Finale?

Newsroom Aug 16, 2022

It seems to be an amazing year for the Indian Esports scene because there have been so many Esports tournaments, and the Indian teams are constantly giving their best and winning so many of them! The current Esports scenario is going too well for India, and we genuinely hope that it keeps getting better and better. In today’s blog, we will be getting into how GodLike Esports has now finally qualified for the Grand Finale of the COD Mobile World Championship in Stage 4!

When was the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 4 held?

The tournament was quite an intense one.
Photo by Alexander Cifuentes / Unsplash. The tournament was quite an intense one.

Basically, the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 4 was a two-day event where the top two winners of the tournament would qualify for the Grand Finals or the Stage 5 of the Championship. On August 13th, Stage 4 started for the Indian regional teams, and on August 14th, the Finals for the Stage 4 were declared, which would be going to the World Championships. This was quite an exciting event, where the fans were rooting for all their favourite teams.

Stage 5 or the Grand Finals, will be held from December 9th to December 11th. Hence, even though there is quite some time left for the Finals, the winning teams have to practice quite hard and get ready for the upcoming main event!

Who won the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 4?

Well, the Indian regionals had some of the best teams participating in Stage 4. However, there were to be four teams who were to come in the last run. The top two teams were considered for advancement, and the last two teams were to fight it off in the Eliminations to survive.

In the first Semi-Finals, the first match was held between GodLike Esports and Revenant Esports. It seemed like quite an easy win for GodLike Esports for they won with clean points of 3-0. Consequently, this pushed Revenant Esports to the elimination round, and they went ahead to the Finals.

Credits to Sportskeeda. The whole Day 2 schedule, and how GodLike Esports won Stage 4.

The second Semi-Finals were held between Velocity Gaming and Enigma Gaming. The match was quite a close one, and the fans were biting their nails off. Enigma was quite close to winning this one, but Velocity Gaming took the last points home and won with a 3-2 score on the board. This made Velocity go to the Finals, and Enigma had to fight it off once again in the Elimination Round.

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The Elimination round was held between Revenant Esports and Enigma Gaming, where though it seemed that Revenant Esports was going to give their best, Enigma Gaming just took away all their dreams and won the match with a 3-1 score.

In the Finals, Team Vitality and GodLike Esports went head to head, and unfortunately, GodLike could not sustain much, and Team Vitality managed to win the round with a score of 3-1. This pushed GodLike to play against Enigma Gaming in the Elimination Finals.

In the Elimination Finals, GodLike did not allow any room to Enigma Gaming and got an easy win in the match with a 3-0. They were to face Team Vitality once again in the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals were definitely something that everyone was going to look forward to. Both teams had managed to get some good information on each other. However, there seemed to be some good changes in tactics and strategies from GodLike Esports’ side. Yet, the match was definitely quite a close one, as it was held on the basis of the best of five maps. GodLike Esports pushed through and got a win against Team Vitality with a score of 4-5.

Hence, GodLike Esports won Championship Stage 4, but both Team Vitality and GodLike managed to qualify for the COD Mobile World Championship Stage 5.

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