Cloud Gaming might not be as popular in India as you might have thought.

Credits to Resources. Cloud Gaming might not be as popular in India as you might have thought.

Cloud Gaming Services might not come to India so soon??

Newsroom Sep 7, 2022

In this blog, we will be looking into the reason why Cloud Gaming services will be coming to India later, and why it might not be that popular.

Airtel and Jio are competing for launching their 5G networks in the country.
However, the cloud gaming services might be getting laid back for a while.
The reason is that the service will not be as popular as it is outside India.

5G and Cloud gaming are the next two major steps to be taken in the Indian gaming community, and everyone is here for it! Each and every internet and network service provider is trying to come up with a 5G network for their users, and also trying to be somehow involved with the cloud gaming services, as this will be a massive boost to their own company. These new technological advancements are sure to take India to a whole new level when it comes to developing in the world of technology.

What are the Indian Telcos Planning to do?

You might have kept hearing about how Airtel and Reliance Jio are planning on coming up with their 5G networks and also coming out with cloud gaming services. However, these things are not that easy to accomplish, and there will be tons of difficulties to actually make the 5G network popular, and also bring the cloud gaming services to the general gaming public. It is quite popular in foreign countries. However, the difference in cost, and all the other factors are going to play against cloud gaming services being adopted by the general gaming mass in the country. Perhaps there will be certain streamers or professional gamers who will use these services and even try to influence their audience. However, the fact that it would not be a massive hit from the time it will release is quite understandable.

5G network will launch sooner.
Photo by Shiwa ID / Unsplash. 5G network will launch sooner. 

Hence, to come up with better solutions so that the companies do not face a massive loss with their cloud gaming services, most of them have decided to work together on this project, to share the cost-cutting aspect. For example, Airtel and the French company Blacknut. They even helped Airtel to hold their very first cloud gaming demonstration on the 5G network a few months ago. The event was highly successful, and every gamer was looking forward to Airtel coming up with the system soon enough for the masses. However, soon enough, Reliance Jio entered the competition and announced that they were also working on their 5G network and their very own cloud gaming service. Apparently, Blacknut was also helping them with this enterprise.

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We know what you might be thinking. Is it even legal for Blacknut to support two rival companies and help them? Well, Airtel and Jio have not really commented anything about Blacknut’s involvement in their projects. Hence, we suppose there was some sort of agreement between all of them.

Why are we still not getting any cloud gaming service?

Well, one of the major reasons that Blacknut mentioned why there has been such a delay for the cloud gaming services to launch in India is because the 5G network is quite costly for the general mass in the country. Once the network providers can set up the 5G networks properly, only then can the companies think about launching the cloud gaming services.

Cloud Gaming services require heavy dedicated GPUs which will require tons of funds from the company to run and maintain.
Photo by Taylor Vick / Unsplash. Cloud Gaming services require heavy dedicated GPUs which will require tons of funds from the company to run and maintain.

Another reason for the delay is that they are quite sure that the cloud gaming service will not bring them an immediate profit, much like the 5G network will do. They might even end up incurring some heavy losses, which will take forever to cope with. Hence, the companies might wait some more time before they find an appropriate situation from their financial viewpoint, before taking this high risk.

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