Available characters in Battlegrounds Mobile India

Community Jul 15, 2022

We created the list for you, with all the available characters in the game: BGMI and some information about them too.


  • Here are the characters which are available in BGMI.
  • They have also been defined by their character powers in the game.
  • The character cost has also been mentioned so that it makes it easy for you to know things right.

One of the most popular Battle Royale games is Battlegrounds Mobile India. Its popularity may be attributed to various factors, including the intense gameplay, many characters, in-game rewards, and the growth of the BGMI Esports organization. As with Free Fire, there are many characters in BGMI. In conventional and competitive combat, characters lack special skills, which helps to keep the game's distinctive character. With the addition of up to five playable characters, the game is more appealing to players.

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Since then, BGMI has maintained its place as one of the region's most popular mobile games. A growing number of gamers enter the fray in search of chicken dinner. In this article, we'll introduce you to all of the game's several playable characters.

1. Victor

Picture Coutersy: BGMI

To begin, Victor is the first character in BGMI and is entirely free to play with. To get this rugged-looking face character, you don't need any character shards. Submachine weapons are Victor's area of specialization and ability. He is skilled at customizing and painting SMGs to make them more maneuverable and less prone. For the EvoGround matches, Victor is a strong performer. But you may want to contemplate placing him against TDM. Victor's unique voice pack emotes and clothing may be unlocked as a level-up reward in the game. According to news on the game's official forum, only Victor can be redeemed for free without having to wait for the exchange of character shards. He speeds up the reload time of SMGs in EvoGround battles. However, they will use character shards to unlock Victor's specific emotes.

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2. Anna

Picture Coutersy: BGMI

Anna, an investigative reporter with ties to her native Austria, is the next name on the list. Her father's disappearance after revealing a major company's employee deaths has shaped her ability to find the truth and fight for justice. It takes 600 UC or 600 character shards to unlock Anna, the game's second female protagonist. You'll receive her voice pack, and the MVP emote based on the notepad her father left behind when you level her up. Anna is the first female character to emerge in BGMI and the first new character to debut since the game's release. For 600 UC or 600 character shards, Anna, an Austrian detective, is unlocked.

3. Andy

Picture Coutersy: BGMI

The group's magician and puppeteer, Andy is a bit of a chameleon. A career-ending injury pushed Andy to concentrate his concentration on firearms training. He also worked on his martial abilities in preparation for conflict. As a result of his agile hands, Andy can draw and put away firearms more quickly in EvoGround bouts. As he progresses through the game, you'll unlock his MVP emote, which features a puppet of his design. Unlock Andy for the 1200 UC. In BGMI, Andy is the most clever character in-game. For Andy, 1200 UC (or 1200 character shards) are required, the same as for Carlo. The most significant character emoji ever created is Andy's puppet. A tragic accident ended Andy's career as a magician and puppeteer. Since then, Andy's combat gun abilities have increased. Players that team up with Andy on EvoGround will be more efficient when taking and putting away weapons.

4. Carlo

Picture Coutersy: BGMI

Carlo is your best option if you're a fan of the gear used by bounty hunters. Carlo, the BGMI's second male character, is a proficient warrior with various weaponry. Because of the scenario, survival abilities help him minimize fall damage in EvoGround battles. As you go through the game, you'll be able to unlock more, and more of his awesome emotes. 1200 UC is required to get full access to Carlo. Carlo was the show's third and last male protagonist. The bound bounty hunter is an expensive character with excellent survival abilities, costing 1200UC or 1200 character shards. Because of their intensity, Carlo's emotes can only be likened to Andy's. BGMI players that face Carlo in EvoGround battles will often take minor damage to the ground. In terms of character look, Carlo's Hunter Set clothing is unmatched.

5. Sara

Picture Coutersy: BGMI

In the end, we have Sara, the first female character to appear in BGMI. When she gets behind the wheel of a Dacia or UAZ, she presses the gas pedal to the metal. When she competes in EvoGround battles, her automotive expertise enables her to alter cars so that they can withstand more harm and wear out more quickly. Get some laughs out of her by unlocking her voice pack before you leave the room. At 600 UC, you can have Sara all to yourself. Sara was the second character to debut in the game after Victor, and she was also the first female character. Character shards gained even more monetary worth with Sara's introduction to the BGMI universe. Sara is an EvoGround vehicle specialist who prefers strengthening her cars to reduce the amount of damage they take during a battle. Gamer's interest in Sara's voice bundle has been high since it was released.

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