Valorant's latest patch notes suggest Chamber is nerfed now.

Valorant's latest patch notes suggest Chamber is nerfed now. 

Valorant 5.12 update nerfs Chamber

Newsroom Dec 2, 2022

Valorant's latest patch notes suggest Chamber is nerfed now.

Riot Games has just dropped the highly anticipated 5.12 update which highly focused on Chamber, in an effort to bring him at par with some of the other heroes. Chamber has been subjected to a nerf before to balance out the game and make it difficult for people to abuse its extremely powerful abilities.

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The upcoming patch will greatly nerf his ability to teleport. The distance he can move around has been incredibly decreased, meaning he can no longer pre anyplace on the map whenever, which ought to make him more straightforward to find and battle. In the event that his magical transport anchor gets obliterated in a round, it will at this point not go on cooldown, rather being lost until the end of the round, which will add one more degree of counter-play to him.

The Trademark e trap has likewise been changed essentially, with the expansion of a reach limitation. In the event that Chamber goes excessively far away, it will be deactivated, making it pretty pointless and again adding a further degree of decision-making for Chamber players.

While there is no assurance this will at last stop Chamber from being a threat in apparently every game you will play, the developer report that during their inward tests these nerfs have essentially changed the specialist. He is currently much more regrettable at holding short points, albeit still can be entirely significant on lengthy ones, and pushing forward to acquire data presently comes at the expense of losing the utility of the Trademark.

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In a recent post, Kevin Meier and Jay Watford, designers on Valorant, the significant changes coming to Chamber in fix 5.12 were minor. The full fix notes for Valorant update 5.12 are yet to be uncovered, yet the Chamber nerfs are supposed to be the fundamental piece of the impending patch.

“Our approach was built around retaining Chamber’s combat strength and fantasy, while narrowing the span of his impact across any given map,” said Meier and Watford. “Giving opponents more agency to outwit or outplay, and giving Chamber players a deliberate mastery curve. Players who invest the time should still find success as they learn how these new mechanics excel or fail across maps, locations, and play styles.”

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