Categories of weapons in PUBG-How to choose the best one? Picture: PUBG

Categories of weapons in PUBG-How to choose the best one? Picture: PUBG

Categories of weapons in PUBG-How to choose the best one?

Strategy Nov 1, 2022

The M416 is one of the finest rifles in the PUBG mobile game and is a choice of every pro gamer.


  • Finding the best PUBG guns will make PlayerUnknown's Battleground much more survivable.
  • Those with powerhouse weapons will often claim gunfights over those using simple pistols.

Finding the greatest PUBG firearms will increase your chance of survival since people with powerful weapons often win gunfights over others with primary handguns.

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While any weapon in PUBG can suffice to score a kill, to obtain that chicken supper, you'll need to study the specifics of all the finest PUBG firearms, including which scopes are ideal and what ammunition each one uses. There is a lot to learn, and we have you covered, from room-clearing shotguns to sniper weapons that can blast a fly's wings from hundreds of meters away.

Assault Rifles

An Assault Riffle. Picture: PUBG


There isn't much that can compete with an M4 in most scenarios when it is fully equipped with attachments. It can do significant damage and has among the most straightforward recoil controls for those who prefer to spray. Although it doesn't have a great range, it is still one of the greatest all-around guns available and is undoubtedly superior to many other alternatives. An M4 should be at the top of your wish list if you have the accessories.


The AKM is excellent for someone confident in their ability to land headshots since it boasts the most single-shot damage of any popular assault weapon. You can explode heads all day long with single-fire mode and good sight. Two rounds to the face are all it takes to kill someone without a level-three helmet. Using the AKM as a backup single-shot AR or pretend sniper is a good idea. Dependence on it for medium-range spraying is not.


Some may claim that, despite being an AR, the M16 is the most excellent sniper rifle in the game with an 8x scope. That was probably truer in reality for a while, but the M16 took a significant knock after the 1.0 upgrade and the Xbox One launch version. Additionally, some stats have altered, and it can no longer carry an 8x. Despite this, it is still excellent, particularly if you have a rapid trigger finger. One may either love or despise its burst mode, but no one can dispute how potent it is in single-shot mode.


There is no denying that the SCAR is a highly contentious firearm, but it excels in saturating adversaries at close to medium range. It may not be as effective as the M16 or AKM as a single-fire weapon, but if you prefer auto fire and an M4 is not nearby, this is a solid alternative. Choosing one weapon over many others is always a smart move in the current meta of running double AR.

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SMG Rifle in PUBG. Picture: PUBG


The Vector is a machine for close-range raw damage; however, using it without an extended mag is terrible. If you don't hit a significant portion of the 13 targets, the 13 bullets will expire in a split second, leaving you stranded. Always watch for one because it may become the greatest close-range weapon available with an extended magazine and a few additional additions. Of course, short range is not your friend if the blue circle is headed toward an open space.


The UMP is perhaps the finest all-around SMG since, unlike most other SMGs, it can do damage at medium range in addition to being a reliable close-range weapon. The main benefit is that it uses 9mm ammunition, which is so widely available that it would be difficult to have fewer than 100 rounds in every game. This is usually a fantastic choice for a secondary weapon and may even be used in conjunction with a sniper.


Shotgun Rifle. Picture: PUBG


The S12K is your best buddy if you're playing in a city. Despite being a shotgun, it fires at an absurdly high pace, and the amount of damage it does will cause anybody foolish enough to approach you within 15 yards to fall to the ground immediately. Although it is plainly inferior in wide spaces, you can easily run this in duos and squads if you can secure an extended mag.


The twin-barreled S686 may be a powerful weapon in solitary games. Your opponents have no chance if you nail both of your close-range shots, but you will lose the battle if you come across a group of people. When employing this, you must have confidence since a single missed shot might be disastrous. Typically, the S12K is the safest choice.


Pistol of PUBG. Picture: PUBG


The fact is that you won't want to use a handgun at all after the first minute. When you have something more incredible, the gun is almost completely forgotten. Unless you discover a P18C, that is. With an extended magazine, the lone autofire pistol in PUBG may be pretty handy for taking down structures since it has a lot of power. Even while you still shouldn't use it often, it is always worthwhile to grab one when you see one.

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Sniper Rifles

Sniper Rifle in PUBG. Picture: PUBG


The Kar98k is by far the most outstanding standard sniper rifle in terms of sheer damage, but since it uses a bolt action, it takes a lot of practice and adjustment to hit many targets in succession. It is still incredibly useful since if you can land headshots, you can take out anybody wearing a level one or two helmets in one shot. The Kar98k becomes one of the game's greatest weapons and highly devastating with a decent sight.

Mini 14

The Mini 14 is, without a doubt, the most excellent sniper in all-around weaponry. With a decent sight, it can provide long-range damage, but it can also be used up close if necessary. This is made possible by the quick firing rates (if you have a good trigger finger). Although the damage isn't very serious, you should have no trouble making a few consecutive hits. If you don't already have a Kar98k or a sniper from an airdrop, you should always aim to grab the Mini since it is a true tier-one weapon.


In most instances, the SKS lies between the Mini and the Kar98k. Although neither the firing rate nor the damage is particularly impressive, they are superior to the Kar and the Mini. The SKS is usually a good option if none of the other top-tier snipers is available. Still, depending on your style of play, it could occasionally be preferable to run double AR instead of picking this up. If you have an excellent scope and want to relax, choose the SKS; if you want to play more aggressively and up close, use the AR.


The AWM is, without a doubt, the finest rifle in the game, and although all of the airdrop weapons are fantastic options that you should use if you get the opportunity. Even if they are wearing a level three helmet, the AWM will shoot everyone if you hit them in the head. It only takes two strikes to knock down a person, even if they are wearing a level two vest. If you locate an AWM, there is no excuse not to utilize it, even if it does seem a bit powerful. That iron sight is terrible, but good luck hitting shots if you don't have any type of optic to put on it.

Machine Gun

Machine Gun in PUBG. Picture: PUBG


You wouldn't describe the M249 as subtle. It can quickly destroy a vehicle and rip through any opponent with a 100-round magazine of 5.56 ammunition. Spray and pray is essentially the game's name here, and as long as you have some degree of precision, picking out enemies at close and medium ranges is embarrassingly simple. Even with only 100 ammunition (which you should find with it), it is still worthwhile to run, largely because it is so much fun to shoot. Of course, you need to keep an eye on ammo levels.

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