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Career Opportunities in the Esports Industry as a Tournament Organiser

Case Study Nov 20, 2022

The popularity of Esports as a career path is rising. Esports appears to be an unexplored sector for many nations as the majority of companies and gaming options become saturated. Esports are still in their infancy in India, therefore people are eager to find methods to get involved. We will discuss the job chances in the sphere of tournament organization in today's blog. Finding appropriate tournaments is all that's required to participate as a participant. However, there isn't much discussion about organizing Esports events online. We'll take a deeper look into tournament organization in today's blog.

Who is a Tournament Organiser?

Let's make sure all the principles are understood before we move on to anything else. So who exactly is an organizer? According to the basic definition, an organizer is a person who is in charge of planning an occasion or anything else. As a result, if you are an organizer in the realm of Esports, you must plan the entire competition by yourself. In the world of Esports, an organizer is typically a club or group of individuals who work together to plan these competitions for the good of the community. On a smaller scale, it might be a little gaming club trying to garner the local gamers some notoriety or get them ready for leagues and tournaments.

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How to organize an Esports tournament?

Step 1: Do Your Research — Check Out Other Esports Events

A crucial aspect of your own hosting experience is learning from others' experiences. Attending Esports competitions is the best way to learn how to run them.

You can get a glimpse of events from the viewpoint of spectators by participating in tournaments that are hosted by other parties. To obtain knowledge for your own tournament planning, you might observe the situation, network, and speak with players.

Step 2: What Kind of Event Do You Want to Organize?

Esports competitions can span anywhere from one afternoon to many days and come in all different sizes and shapes. The components involved in organizing and executing the tournament can be determined with the help of knowing the type of event you want to host.

Choose your game: Choosing the sort of game to play and the anticipated number of participants is the first step in planning an Esports tournament. There are various options when it comes to selecting a game for an Esports competition. Choose games wisely that will appeal to a wider audience and are well-liked or trendy.

Design your format: Group and bracket rounds are used in esports gaming competitions to choose a winner. A single or double-elimination bracket is the quickest and simplest approach to selecting a victor if your event is big and you anticipate having many participants.

Free or do you want to monetize your event?: What are the goals and objectives of your event? Are you looking to build or grow your gaming community? Are you organizing the event to build your brand? Are you planning an event to increase your revenue or earn big profits? Monetizing an event could include all sorts of things like:

  • Sponsorships
  • Ticket sales
  • Concessions, etc

Step 3: What are the Essential Requirements for Your Event?

Venue: Esports tournaments can be held in a variety of locations. It’s better to pre-plan and decide on your event needs and potential audiences when choosing a venue.

Licensing: Copyright laws apply to video games, as well as to other published works. Game developers and publishers have the right to approve or disapprove of the use of their games in public tournaments.

Event technology: Esports events need massive amounts of electronic equipment and a robust power system for the players alone. An Esports gaming tournament setup must include enough powerful computers to carry out several hours or days of competition.

Event teams and admin crew: Consider hiring tech-savvy support staff to circulate and help attendees get connected, answer questions during the event, and troubleshoot issues.

Step 4: What’s your Budget?

The budget is possibly the most important thing to consider when planning any event. You’ll want to carefully plan and consider your budget so that you don’t overcommit yourself with inadequate funds. Consider your goals and determine what is reasonable to spend on the event. You’ll also want the budget to match the size of the event.

Step 5: Market Your Event to Others

Esports gamers interact through the internet and even compete using it. Therefore, the best way to promote an Esports gaming tournament is with the help of the power of the internet.

How do Esports Organizers make money?

There are so many ways in which tournament organizers earn money. At the lower level, community donations. Also partnerships through companies like Twitch or Matcherino. Selling merchandise. At the higher levels? Sponsorships. Lots of sponsorships. An Org is a sponsorship hub and all about brand identity - which is why it's Org vs Org, not team name vs team name.

How much money you can make by organizing these Esports tournaments as an organization or individually depends on all these factors. It also depends on how much publicity your tournament has received.

So there you have it! A quick guide on how tournament organizers make money and how much. It’s not fully comprehensive but this is a general guide. We hope this blog gave you an insight into the organizing world of gaming.

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