Can you Earn by Gaming? (Interview: Acolyte Esports)

Interview Jan 15, 2022

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“To win the game, let’s remain in the game…”

To celebrate the new year with fresh beginnings, Tournafest conducted one of its first interactive Instagram live shows. An achiever doesn’t just change his life but also of those around him by motivating, influencing & sharing his life experiences. We invited one such person, the highly talented Mr. Anshuman Parasar, aka Clasho, the founder of Acolyte Esports, who added all the shine to that beautiful evening with his words of wisdom & experience. The session was hosted by Kaustubh Trivedi on Sunday, January 9, 2022.

The session's agenda was to create an energetic environment & motivate the gamers by sharing the journey of Acolyte Esports, founded by Clasho, one out of the 430 million gamers in India, and to present the different opportunities that the gamers can utilize to better & secure their future. Acolyte aims to provide a platform to the underdogs and the emerging players who are committed to making their career in esports. Its ultimate goal is to make esports fun for everyone, especially the underdogs. We’ve briefly analyzed the session so that you can take up all the noteworthy points.

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Since Acolyte Esports is an organizer, so when Clasho, the founder, was asked about the difficulties faced by Acolyte as an organizer since the beginning, this was what he had to say:

“I faced the usual difficulties as any other organizer faces, for example, issues like creating the slot lists, preparing result lists, providing user id and passwords, etc. but with Tournafest, all these tasks were no longer causing the organizers pain because of the automatically generated slot lists, automatic provision of user id and passwords, and easy registrations.” “Tournafest has been a bliss for the organizers as well as the gamers,” added Clasho.

Keeping in view a little casual relationship between parents and children nowadays, we asked Clasho to express his thoughts on the relationship between a gamer and his parents, also if the situations are a little better now or not?

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Clasho added, “Well, it’s a matter of concern in the majority of families since the parents are worried about securing their children’s future, but at the same time, the conditions are improving since ‘esports’ are getting recognized widely on the global level, in India too on a large scale. Soon, parents will surely encourage their kids to participate freely and engage in the area of their choice. As for now, the conditions are not too good for most gamers, which is understandable keeping in view the parent’s thoughts.”

We’re all aware that everyone out there swears to help the underdogs, so we asked Clasho about how Acolyte Esports is contributing to that sector and how they think we can genuinely help the underdogs?

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Clasho replied, “Since esports is growing dynamically, it becomes essential to give everyone a fair chance. We are putting in as much effort as possible with the help of platforms like Tournafest for organizing fair tournaments daily. In this way, we aim to provide an overall good gaming experience with fewer formalities. Bit by bit, we’ll have helped the majority of underdogs in the near future. We’re supporting the underdogs shortly.”

Here’s what Clasho had to say when asked about some suggestions or playing tips to the gamers who tend to build a career in gaming?

“There are simply three mantras: Trust your teammates, whenever you play-give your 100%, and study too!”

There was a unique question, on-demand from the audience’s side too, “Can we earn from gaming & which is the best game to start earning?”

To which Clasho replied, “Yes, you can definitely start earning from gaming, or better said, Tournaments since there are cash prizes if you win them. Although the process isn’t going to be that easy, so play the game you love playing. Your practice at that game will make you start earning gradually. Some of the best ways to earn might be by partaking in tournaments of games like BGMI, Free Fire, Call of Duty, etc., which again are organized daily on Tournafest.”

We winded up the session by sharing with our audience a brief about Tournafest. “We, at Tournafest, a family of over 30k active gamers, also care for our gamers and are aiming to provide a simplified and ace gaming platform for gamers. We aim at creating an environment in which players can play, compete and grow together. We also believe in providing access to mentorship and a complete fun experience for all the gamers out there. With organizers like Acolyte, we’re trying to revolutionize the esports industry.

This was a brief analysis of our first conversational live session with Clasho. We aim to keep conducting such sessions, with more influential people, in the future to spread awareness & encouragement for all the gamers out there. What a pleasant & interactive session it was with Clasho & his meaningful words of wisdom. Thanks again to Anshuman, aka Clasho, for making our foremost live successful and memorable. To the people reading this, you might also stand a circumstance to ask your question from your favorite gamer or influencer in the upcoming Instagram live sessions, so make sure to follow us on all social media platforms for all the updates.

Winding this blog with these beautiful words, until next time.

“We fail, we break

We fall, but then we rise

We heal, we overcome

We Are The Gamers!”

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