Pokémon Unite is one of the newest addition in the MOBA games.

Credits to The Verge. Pokémon Unite is one of the newest addition in the MOBA games.

Can I play Pokemon Unite on PC?

Community Aug 24, 2022

Pokemon Unite is one of the most popular MOBA games right now and has taken the world by storm. However, what makes this game so much more fun than a Battle Arena game is that, first of all, it includes Pokemon, and then it is quite different from the usual way that these games are played. Hence, it is quite common to see that people will be more interested in finding out about the game. Therefore, for today’s guide on Pokemon Unite, we will be answering one of the most searched questions if Pokemon Unite is on PC or not?

Is Pokemon Unite available on PC?

Pokémon use to be available on these small devices.
Photo by Denise Jans / Unsplash. Pokémon use to be available on these small gameboy.

Without wasting much time, let us get the answer straight. Pokemon Unite is not available on PC, as of yet. If you visit the official website of Pokemon Unite, you will find that there are three options to download the game. First, you can download it on your Nintendo Switch. Secondly, you can download it on your Android device through the Google Play Store, and finally, you can download it on your iOS device through the Apple App Store. However, you will not find any option to download the game on your Windows or Mac device. This means that you cannot play the game on your PC.

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Will the game come to PC any time soon?

Unfortunately, there has been no news of the game coming out for PC gamers as of yet. However, most MOBA games, when they get quite reputed and grow immensely, do come up with a PC version. Hence, after a few years, if the game keeps growing, perhaps there is a high chance that the game will be adapted into a PC game.

How to play Pokemon Unite on PC?

You might not have a Nintendo Switch, and your mobile device might not support the game properly. However, you have a good PC and want to try the game out. Here is a way to go about it:

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Credits to Passionate in Marketing. Bluestacks is an app playing app.

Well, this is the only way you can go about it. Bluestacks is an app that operates as an app player on your Windows PC. All you have to do is just download Bluestacks on your PC or laptop and then download Pokemon Unite. Soon you will be good enough to play the game.

Bluestacks is a pretty legal app that is used by millions of people to run Android apps on their Windows PC so that they can access the apps and work properly. However, if you are still If you are worried about it being genuine or not, we would recommend you just wait for the time when Pokemon Unite will be available on PC.

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