cadiaN wins on LAN. Photo via HLTV.

cadiaN wins on LAN. Photo via HLTV.

Blast Premier Grand Finals recap

Newsroom Nov 28, 2022

Team Heroic are the winners of Blast Premier Fall Finals:

cadiaN has finally lifted his first major LAN trophy that saw Team Heroic beat FaZe Clan in a best-of-three finals with a 2-1 scoreline. After a hard-fought final that saw FaZe push the Danish side until the very end but they came out on top.

Heroic went with Overpass, a map they knew FaZe were weak on while FaZe responded with Inferno, Mirage was left for the final map.

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The early 5-round lead from FaZe was quickly leveled by Heroic in no time and made a comeback off the back of a well-drilled offense. FaZe were to close out on multiple occasions but Heroic were able to maintain their lead. FaZe did not do much better and the Danes were able to close out the map taking an early lead without wasting any more time.


FaZe found their own answering pick of Inferno where they started off strong on their offense. Having managed 7 rounds on their offense we saw a completely different FaZe from what we witnessed on Overpass. Once we went to the T side for Heroic, the story did not change as FaZe held their ground and quickly closed the match out in no time.  

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Standings after the finals. Photo via HLTV. 


FaZe failed to pick up their form from the last game and saw Heroic quickly pick up 11 rounds closing FaZe out on multiple occasions that saw them move closer to the trophy than ever before. Moving onto the defense FaZe posted a great comeback but failed to carry that form to overtime. Having overcome FaZe on the t side, Heroic needed two more rounds on their defense which they did and picked up their very first LAN trophy.

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