We have our semis for tomorrow. Photo via Blast.

We have our semis for tomorrow. Photo via Blast. 

Blast Premier Fall Finals Day 3 recap

Newsroom Nov 26, 2022

Day 3 saw some big names bid farewell.

On the second last day of the Blast Premier Fall finals, we saw G2 Esports take on the major finalists in Heroic. Both teams faced a loss at different stages of the tournament and now they find themselves here, battling elimination for a spot in the semi-finals.

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Some of the biggest teams have already taken an early exit and today we bid farewell to one of the two. Heroic having lost to FaZe desperately needed a win while G2 having missed out on the major had a lot to prove with star players who are deprived of silverware for ages.

G2 picked Mirage while Heroic went for Nuke and left Vertigo as the final map to decide the match if a third map was needed.

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G2 kicked Mirage off in a really poor fashion. Their poor form over the past year blended in with a clear lack of confidence that gave Heroic too much space to just assert their dominance over early. Having switched with a big lead on their defence, Heroic passed no time letting them quickly close out the map.

Moving onto Nuke, G2 picked up their form and posted a good CT side putting up 10 rounds early on. A much better showing compared to their previous showings. The T side was a bit lacklustre but G2 were able to contain Heroic and did not let their lead slide as we made it to the 3rd and final map of the day.

Scoreboard after 3 maps. Photo via HLTV.

Vertigo brought back the old G2 and their woes from the Liquid game transferred over here as they failed to hold Heroic's T side which led to them starting off their own offence on the backfoot which Heroic wasted no time to shut down.  Truth be told, there were points when G2 looked like the better team but inconsistencies across the map cost them a place in the semi finals tomorrow.

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NiKo was G2's best player by a mile while it is hard to pick the best player from the side of Heroic as they put in the effort as a team. The frag distribution for the Danes proved to be a vital point of their success and they were consistent on all parts of the map.

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