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BGMI Showdown Full Coverage from Day 1 to Day 3!

Newsroom Jul 26, 2022

One of the most popular BGMI tournaments just got over, and we are more than excited for the winners of the tournament, for the BGMI Showdown is the gateway to the PMWI, and it would be a big deal for the Esports community in India if they were to go for to participate in the World Invitational 2022! In today’s news blog, we will be getting into all the details of the 4-day tournament that took place and has finally come to an end with a huge bang. It was quite an interesting tournament that was held right after the BGMI Masters Series, and it seems like fans still want more from some of the most popular Indian BGMI teams.

Groups in the BGMI Showdown

There were a total of 3 groups namely: A, B, and C. Here are the teams and the groups of the BGMMI Showdown:

Group A

Global Esports
R Esports
Team Kinetic
Udog India

Group B

FS Esports
Hyderabad Hydras
OR Esports
Reckoning Esports
Esports Wala
Team Soul

Group C

Big Brother Esports
Enigma Gaming
Hydra Esports
Nigma Galaxy
Team Xspark
Team XO

Day 1 of the BGMI Showdown

The very first day of the BGMI Showdown was quite an exciting one as people were more than excited to find out which of the teams would be surprising them with their performance. The first surprise was when the Hyderabad Hydras managed to win the first and their fourth matches, collecting 71 points in total. However, another interesting team that we got to witness was that of OR Esports who had managed to go up to 80 points! This was quite a comeback from their previous BGMI LAN event, where they had performed quite poorly. Yet, it was a good thing that they were making a comeback finally.

Another impressive team that managed to get the first head-on was Skylightz Gaming. Their match was in the latter half of the day, but it was absolutely amazing how easily they had managed to get 50 points and rise up the charts on the very first day. Here is an overall ranking of Day 1:

Credits to Sportskeeda. Overall Ranking after Day 1.

Day 2 of the BGMI Showdown

Day 2 started with an amazing change in the overall rankings of the whole day. What made Day 2 so much more interesting is that there were many teams who actually performed better than expected. Global Esports, after coming so close in the BGMI Masters Series, were quite determined to perform well in the Showdown, and it showed! They made sure that they could put everything to their advantage, and they shot up to the top 10 in the overall rankings with 71 points. Another new addition in the top 3 of the list was Team XO, who managed to go above their fans’ expectations.

Also, we cannot forget the BGMI Masters Series winner, GodLike Esports, who also managed to show amazing form in the Showdown. They had managed to collect some 30 points from their very first match. However, at the end of Day 2, they had gone to the eighth rank with 70 points. All the best teams had been scheduled for Day 2, and it was still the best tournament day ever. The audience got to see all these popular teams going against each other. This is the overall ranking after Day 2:

Credits to Sportskeeda. Overall rankings after Day 2.

Day 3 of the BGMI Showdown

This was the semi-finals of the BGMI Showdown, and of course everyone was more than excited. Only the top 16 teams were to go forward to the finals, and everyone was curious to see who was going to be in the finale. There were a total of 6 matches, and all the matches were played among various groups, which made things all the more intense.

Credits to Sportkeeda. Overall rankings after Day 3.

The first match was played between Groups A and B on the map of Erangel. OR Esports charged forward by collection, some 18 chikcen dinners in total. They were followed by FS Esports, who got 6 eliminations, and finally in third came Team Kinectic, with 5 elminiations.

Group A and B again met each other on the map of Miramer, where Hyderabad Hydras got in the first place with 15 chicken dinners, and the next places came with Reckoning and 7Sea Esports.

Credits to Sportkeeda. Overall rankings after Day 3.

The next match took place between Group B and C in Erangel, where Team XO came in first position with some 9 finishes. Team Soul had managed to finally come in clutch on the second last day, and had managed to recover their position finally. The next match was again held between Group B and C in Miramer. Hydra Esports got a massive win in the end, with Team Soul again coming in clutch and winning some 21 points. They were closely followed by Nigma Galaxy. Fans had expected TSM to perform well. Unfortunately, they fell apart, only getting 2 points in the end.

Credits to Sportkeeda. Overall rankings after Day 3.

The final two matches were held between Groups A and C. The first match was held in Sanhok, with Orangutan, who came away with a massive win that helped them to go up the charts. Then the next came Xspark with six elminations, and then in third place was Team Soul. The last match of the day was fought between both the groups on Erangel. Nigma Galaxy won the match, followed by Skylightz Gaming, and then came in Team Kinetic and R Esports, consecutively.

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