Games with the best storyline. Photo via Pinterest.

Games with the best storyline. Photo via Pinterest. 

Best Video Game Campaign Stories!

Community Nov 21, 2022

Some video games are known for their graphics, some for their gameplay while others are known for their mechanics but very few story modes can boast a good storyline. Just like movies, video games with good stories are to be remembered forever but we do not give them the credit they deserve.

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We have tried to put together a list of video game stories that will make you think they were written by top authors. With so many underappreciated gems out there it is tough to rank these games but we have been unbiased in our efforts to put forward the games with the best storylines.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

COD BO1 has a mind-blowing plot twist. Photo via Steam.

An action-packed game with a storyline that complements the game really well and the mind-blowing twists in the end. By the time you are done playing the game, one cannot blame you for comparing it with the popular thriller Shutter Island. The game has everything you would expect from a COD game and while many may argue MW2 has a better storyline, we felt BO1 deserved its day in court. Two stories running parallelly converge in the end in a way that will make you feel like the game tops any David Fincher movie.

Get Even

One of the underappreciated gems. Photo via Steam. 

Yet another psychological thriller in this list. We cannot blame you for missing out on Get Even, one of the lesser-known games out there but the game will make you fall in love with its storyline. The game has decent graphics for its time and the gameplay is just as good, nothing out of the ordinary. The game was not produced by top creator houses which can be a reason why the game did not get the recognition it deserved. However, if you head over to Steam and look for reviews, there is absolutely no negative response which attests to the fact that the game a solid storyline.

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Arkham City

You can never go wrong with Batman games. Photo via Steam. 

Batman Arkham City took all that was perfect about the last game and further developed it too much. Rather than being bound to a generally smaller area, now you can explore the entire city which is much more detailed and interactive than before. On a superficial level, there doesn't seem to be a lot to do in this little space, yet the region is overflowing with villains including Penguin and Joker and they're all going to attempt to kill you at any opportunity they get. Overall, the game is a treat for all DC lovers. The game was successfully able to recreate the gory and dark theme upheld by the comics and the game was a massive success both economically and otherwise.

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Portal 2

One of its kind. Photo via Steam.

Portal 2 can be quite possibly the best game ever made, the plot streams such that makes you think while moving along but the composing ensures that you get a large number of hits concerning the satire and the interactivity extends upon the main game making each puzzle a riddle you recall, and the last part of the game must be one of the most outstanding I've at any point played. You can see the sign of never removing you from control by making it to the last gateway. The single-player crusade is brimming with snickers, fun riddles, and 4 different riddle rooms. The multi-player is just as good as the single-player, whether you cooperate with your companion or attempt to utilize all the time to kill them, the game delivers equal joy either way which is why this game is on the list.

Red Dead Redemption II

The game got ported over to the PC not long ago. Photo via Steam. 

Great Music, Great gameplay, Great Story Great Acting, this is truly a masterpiece of video gaming I can only fault it on perhaps having a bit too much in the gameplay department to make it a bit overwhelming at times. This game really puts you in the world of the old west and allows you to relive your greatest old west film/s (Even if it's Django) and makes you feel like part of that world. The game made history when it launched and it's not going anywhere anytime soon. The recent port to the PC brought it back to the limelight.  

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