Credits to Indianewsup. Free Fire Max is another version of Free Fire. 

Best Equipment for a Sniper in Free Fire Max

Strategy Apr 22, 2022

If you have just started out in Free Fire Max, then you might be wondering what the best equipment is if you want to snipe in the game. Hence, in today’s blog, we will be looking at the best equipment for a sniper in Free Fire Max.

Four Best Sniper Equipment in Free Fire Max

Without wasting much time, we will be getting into the best equipment for a sniper that one can use in Free Fire Max:


The AWM is always the best sniper rifle that anyone can get. Whether it is PUBG, BGMI, or Free Fire, when you have the AWM, you need not worry about anything else. Simply find a high ground area and you're ready to go. When it comes to long-range combat, the gun is unrivalled. The gun comes with an in-built 8X scope, so you do need to add anything to that. Therefore, when you get the gun, all you have to have is some ammo, and you will be good to go. You have to make sure that you can headshot, and your enemy will be instantly dead even if he has a Level 3 helmet. The AWM deals 90 damage points, and that’s why it's extremely lethal even in one shot.

Credits to Garena Free Global’s Youtube Channel. AWM is the best sniper in the game.

However, there is a little back draw of the gun. If you are extremely new to sniping or the game, then you might need a lot of practise before you get to use the AWM flawlessly. Hence, if you are planning on using the AWM in your games, make sure you practise your aim with the other sniper rifles. Another drawback is that this gun is not always common, and can be taken from air drops. Hence, if you are ever bent on using the AWM, then make sure you keep track of where the air drops are happening and get the gun before the others take it away.


This is another sniper rifle that also delivers the same damage as the AWM and is great for those who want to start using snipers. The M82B does 90 damage, and not only to the enemies but also to the gloo walls and vehicles. Hence, if you spot your enemy inside a vehicle, you can still shoot them, and there would be some damage to them. Additionally, you even get points too if you successfully blow up a vehicle with the gun. All of this together makes the M82B a great sniper rifle with which you can start off.

Credits to Sportswiki. M82B is another sniper rifle. 

Also, if you manage to add on an 8X scope, well, it comes quite close to the AWM. But the range of the M82B is 85, which is quite less than that of the AWM. The AWM is not that common all the time, whereas you can still manage to find the M82B. Another amazing thing about the weapon is that it will go through even if your enemy is wearing armour. This means that no matter how well prepared your enemy is, you can still manage to inflict some damage on them.


This is the best sniper rifle to use if you are just transitioning from normal guns to snipers. It is quite close to the AWM when it comes to inflicting damage on your enemies. It gives 90 damage to the enemies and has a range of 84. All of this makes it quite a good combination if you are starting out sniping. It also has an 8X scope, which makes it all the more suitable for long-range fights. You can also use the KAR98K as a mid-range weapon too. Additionally, it has an accuracy of 90, which means that you can be more or less accurate with the gun, and it will hit the enemy in the area where you are pointing towards.

Credits to FirstSportz. Kar98K is a mix of sniper and rifle.

However, this gun too has its own drawbacks. One of the drawbacks of the gun is its reload speed. When it comes to reloading, this gun is the slowest of all the rifles. Hence, when you complete one round, you will need some time, before the gun is all set to be used. Another point that plays to its disadvantage, is that it has a low headshot multiplier. This means that when you do headshot your enemy, they might not die from one. There needs to be at least two headshots to finish off your enemy immediately.


This is another rifle that works as a sniper in long-distance attacks. It delivers a damage of 77, which is not as high as the previous sniper rifles, yet it's good to go provided that the fire range and the speed of the gun are extremely high and good. Hence, if you want to go for a mid-attack, this would give you good support. Adding on a scope, specifically an 8X one, would actually help you to take on long-range fights better than the normal gun. When you want to make a long-range or extremely close range attack, using add-ons on the guns will always help you significantly. Another benefit of the gun is that it has a movement speed of 62. This means that it will be extremely speedy while using it.

Credits to FirstSportz. M14 is the best for beginners.

However, the gun's drawbacks are quite evident. To begin with, the gun is not designed to be used for long-range attacks. Therefore, being used as a sniper might sometimes be difficult. Furthermore, the magazine capacity is extremely low, with only 15 bullets available. Hence, overall, you need to be extremely cautious when you are using the gun.

End Thoughts

Of course, it is one’s preference which gun they will be using. These were the top four best pieces of equipment for a sniper in Free Fire Max. You can also go for other sniper rifles that are available. All the difference it makes in how you will be using it, and nothing else.

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