We have some of the best headphones under a budget. Photo via YouTube.

We have some of the best headphones under a budget. Photo via YouTube.

Most popular headphones among Esports players?

Community Dec 10, 2022

What are some of the popular headphones among Esports players?

Gaming headsets offer the best overall sound for gamers at each and every price point.  Quality drivers guarantee you get the best sound but most importantly they must exaggerate low frequencies, as it gives incredible bass for the better part of the time. The best gaming headsets offer some of the best well-balanced drivers that require negligible tweaking on the player's end and they won't have to burn a hole through their pockets.

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With a lot of reasonable choices for gaming headsets, you do not have to live with poor sound quality. Whether you're attempting to point out as they run past, or need to enjoy music while you work, it's down to your headset's drivers to make everything sound great. Some aren't adequate, which is the reason we thoroughly look into some of the popular gaming headphones among Esports players.

Razer BlackShark V2

No questions asked. Photo via Razer
No questions asked. Photo via Razer

When Razer announced the BlackShark V2, it was clear this was the principal focal point of the headset was the drivers. The 50mm TriForce Titanium drivers are designed with discrete areas to isolate bass, mid, and low tones from disrupting one another. The outcome is a more extravagant sound than a standard set and keeps it comparable to HyperX's 50mm double chamber neodymium driver headset. For everyday use, the sound is one of the highlights of the BlackShark V2 and is way beyond what you will get with other options in this price range. Razer is known to sponsor some of the best Esports organizations so it is obvious for their players to use however, we have seen players stick to Razer products solely because of how good they are. The price point at which this headphone is offered is nothing short of amazing.

Cloud Alpha Wireless

The old guard. Photo via HyperX

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is maybe the oldest headphone on this list. Esports players as a whole love it and presently HyperX has cut the line on its best sets of headphones. The greatest drawcard for this headset is the new gigantic battery. You're taking a walk in the park at as long as 300 hours of battery duration in remote mode while as yet keeping the headset somewhat light and easy to use. However, the sound quality really is extraordinary. The music sounds astonishing. It is consistent and enjoyable with balanced tunes. These are certainly one of the better gaming headsets that players use for both gaming and music. layers might notice that the directional sound is additionally extremely well done.

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Corsair HS80

A rather pesky option. Photo via Corsair.
A rather pesky option. Photo via Corsair.

Corsair's new HS80 RGB Remote Gaming Headset is effectively perhaps the best headset the organization has made and furthermore one of the most incredible wireless headsets available. It takes the absolute best headset highlights accessible and executes them all around well. At $150, it flaunts the best-in-class lag-free Slipstream Remote tech, high-quality sound, and Dolby Atmos. The amplifier is exceptional and the new cushions allow you to wear them for a long time without much discomfort. It's said that impersonation is the most noteworthy type of adulation and the new HS80 and mirrors are probably the best headsets from Steelseries. Corsair has at long last taken on a similar drifting headband plan that utilizes a flexible lash to disperse the load across your noggin equitably. Besides, the HS80 feels bulkier on my head than any Steelseries headset however at 370g, it's not a lot heavier. The HS80s sound fabulous with rich, full-bodied sound and an even bass. The sub-bass can be somewhat missing on occasion and I saw some contortion even at low volumes. This keeps the HS80 away from genuine significance yet there's an EQ in iCUE that you can play with to tweak the sound however you would prefer.


A clean and elegant pair. Photo via EPOS.
A clean and elegant pair. Photo via EPOS.

The H6PRO offers an extremely high-grade headset experience. There are extravagant new 42mm drivers to keep them sounding perfect, which have been tuned to offer a more adjusted and simple bass profile than your standard gaming headset. It likewise offers an incredible-sounding receiver that conveys the advantages of both flip-to-quiet and removable plans. Epos has assembled something truly cutthroat and noteworthy in the H6PRO. The H6PRO is accessible as one or the other open-back or shut-back. The distinction will affect the commotion detachment, sound reaction, and how the headset feels on your head. So you could say it's a quite significant choice, to the extent that gaming headset highlights go. Gamers had insight into both open-back and closed-back plans and, basically, assuming you want clamor seclusion (hindering external commotion from arriving at your ear openings) you'll need the closed-back H6PRO headset. In the event that that is not significant then the open-back H6PRO headset will be the better decision for a predominant gaming sound stage.

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