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Best equipment for Slayer in Call of Duty Mobile

Strategy Apr 25, 2022

Call of Duty mobile has a lot of roles in the game which you might not be aware of if you have just started playing the game. To ensure the victory of the team, each role calls for a different role of action, and those who are better in their roles must follow them cautiously. Therefore, in this blog, we will be getting into the role of the Slayer, how you can be better at it, and also what would be the best equipment for the Slayer in Call of Duty Mobile.

Who is a Slayer?

Let's get into the basics first. So, the slayer is the person who slashes everything. Though it is not technically possible every time you face something or someone, it means getting everything out of the way for both yourself and your team. To make it simpler, imagine that you are the slayer in your team, and all of you are heading out to a particular location. As a slayer, your role will be to go ahead of others and clear out the area. There could be enemies ahead of you whom you have to push aggressively. You can also request assistance if you believe you are unable to handle the situation on your own.

Credits to India Today. Slayer has to go and clear an area first.

To make sure that you can face off enemies whenever and wherever, you need to have a strong combination of weapons with you all the time.

Slayer's Best Gear in Call of Duty Mobile

To help you become a better Slayer in the game, we bring to you some of the best equipment for Slayer in Call of Duty mobile.

Vulture + Agile + High Alert

These three things are things that you have to get if you are going to be the Slayer. Agile will help you with your speed. As a Slayer, you will need to be extremely fast to get out of claustrophobic situations, where the enemies might get an advantage over you. If you can get this, the aim time after your sprint will also be reduced, so you can easily attack your opponents. The Vulture will help you collect ammo. This perk would help you pick up ammo from the dead enemy equal to the magazine capacity of your current weapon. Finally, a high alert will be something that you might find the most useful. It will allow you to target enemies outside of your vision. This perk is extremely helpful as you will be clearing out an area.

Credits to GINX Esports TV. AK47.

With all these perks, the best weapon to use would be something in the AR or SMG category. Therefore, you can go for either an AK-47 or a CBR4. Both of these weapons are the best in the AR and SMG categories, respectively. Therefore, all you will need to do is practise your aim, and you will easily ravish your opponents.

Fast Recovery + Toughness + Complete Silence

This perk combination is the most suitable if you are going to use a sniper or a sniper rifle. Many people believe that being a Slayer precludes the use of snipers. Well, this is a myth. You can most definitely use a sniper in a way that would clear out the area. You can go to a higher position, and make sure that the area your team is targeting is safe. Hence, to begin with, the first perk that you might want to get is Fast Recover, which will help you to get a faster recovery by increasing your HP to 35%. Then there is toughness, which would reduce the flinching by 60% when you are shot. This would make the aim faster. Finally, the dead silence grants you complete silence when you are walking, and even while sprinting, the sound becomes almost feeble. This will help you sneak up on your enemies easily.

Credits to zilliongamer. DL Q33.

With these perks, and a sniper, you can easily be sneaky, and make sure to surprise your enemies. You can get ahead with the DL Q33, which is the most reliable sniper in the whole game. The other snipers that you can go ahead with are Locus or Outlaw.

Hard Wired + Flak Jacket + Demo Expert

This is one of the best perk combinations that you can get while using explosives or grenades. The first perk is a flak jacket. It will help to reduce the continuous damage from the Molotov Cocktail and Thermite. Also, the explosive damage will be reduced by 35%, and if you throw the grenade, it will reset the timer. Another perk that you've got to have is the hard-wired. This would make you immune to EMP grenades and counter-UAVs. Also, it does not even trigger trip mines. This makes you almost invincible to the damage. Additionally, even the enemy tracker perks will be disabled, and hence you will almost become invisible to your enemies. Finally, the Demo Expert is the perk that would increase the damage inflicted to 25%. Hence, all of these are extremely useful if you are using grenades and explosives.

Credits to Digit. Grenades.

This perk is the best one for Slayers as you can inflict maximum damage with your explosives, and can easily clear out areas where there are multiple enemies.

Agile + Quick Fix + Dead Silence

This is another perk combination that is better for SMG and LMG weapons. We previously discussed how being agile would increase your speed and how dead silence would cut off the sounds. The Quick Fix will help you improve your health. If you get a gun, melee, or combat ax kill, then your health will automatically regenerate. Also, you can regenerate your health if you manage to capture and hold objectives. Hence, all of this would enable you to live longer when you are facing multiple enemies. Therefore, if you get these perk combinations, then you can get into the enemy area with a partner without fearing anything.

Credits to zilliongamer. Hoiger 36.

As mentioned, this combination will go best with LMG. You can also go for the shotguns too! You can go for either Holger 26, M4KMG, or even RPD. For shotguns, you can go for the KRM-262 and Echo. Hence, if you are thinking about starting to be a Slayer, then you can use this perk and the weapon combinations even.


These were four of the best pieces of equipment for Slayer in Call of Duty Mobile. If you are looking forward to becoming one, you need to have good aim and keep practising until you are 99% accurate. This would aid you in quickly eliminating enemies.

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