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Best equipment for an Assaulter in BGMI

Strategy Apr 22, 2022

BGMI has topped the battle royale app store ranks in multiple countries. The game has millions of users and is popular among gamers of all ages.

If a player is a great assaulter in the game, he or she is dubbed a pro. An assaulter is a player who gives the team the first hit on the opponent's squad. It allows the team to rush on the other team and wipe them out.

The person who fills this function must be a master of close-range to mid-range combat. Various loadouts can assist an assaulter's success, and we'll go through a couple of them here:

UZI and AKM:

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This loadout will appeal to players that want to slaughter their opponents in BGMI. For players who wish to storm a building and get up close and personal, the Micro UZI is by far the most lethal sub-machine pistol in the game. This weapon has the highest firing rate of all the weapons in the game, with baseline damage of 26.

The AKM, in contrast, is indeed a powerful AR with a 47 baseline damage rating. With a projectile speed of 715 m/sec, the cannon is capable of covering players in close-range combat. Attachments can also be used to enhance the weapon's effectiveness.

S12K and SCAR-L

Shotguns, when used effectively, are beasts in close-range combat. The S12K is a semi-automatic shotgun with a damage rating of 22.

The gun's ammo capacity is exceptional. An extended mag can be used to provide players with eight shots. If used correctly, it can easily destroy level 3 armor in 2-3 bullets.

Gamers that wish to personalize their guns may choose the SCAR-L. A variety of weapon modifications can be added to the gun. Even in full auto mode, it is fairly stable, and in BGMI, it can be a reliable alternative for close-range fights.

Beryl M762 and UZI

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For players that can tolerate the M762's recoil, it's an awesome choice in BGMI. The gun's damage numbers and rate of fire are adequate. They can use foregrips to further reduce the weapon's recoil. For close-range battles, the laser sights can be a useful addition.

The UZI will enable users to easily dispatch foes. It has low recoil and allows players to move around freely. This gun's firing rate is extremely outstanding.

M416/Scar-L and DP-28

Because of their good damage, precision aiming, and scar–fire-rate, L's M416 or Scar–L can be utilized as close-range weapons in this combination. Along with the M416/Scar-L for medium to long-range, the DP-28 could be one of the most lethal weapons available, as it can deliver blows and pick kills in rapid succession and must be mastered. The DP-28 performs well with a 4x scope, while the M416 could be used for mid-long distances in low ammo scenarios.

M416/Scar-L and DP-28

In light of the game's most recent meta, the UMP45 has emerged as one of the most lethal weapons in close-quarters combat. The bearer of a weapon with 45 ACP ammo takes up less room in the backpack, allowing users to carry more useful items. With a 6x scope, the M416 can be used for mid-range showers and long-range tap shots, making it one of the finest and scariest all-around combinations.

M249 and Mk14

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Following that, in BGMI, players can choose the fatal M249 to massacre close-range foes. Due to a recent update, they can now install an extra mag and expand their bullet load to 150.

Only the Mk14 surpasses it as the greatest weapon for close-range combat. The rounds have very low recoil when fired.

Meanwhile, at BGMI, the Mk14 is known as the king of close-range weapons. It's an airdrop-only weapon, just like the Groza. It offers auto-firing and single-tap modes, as well as the ability to attach a scope.

AKM/Beryl M762 and M416

M762 and M416 AKM/Beryl. The AKM and Beryl M762 carry 7.72 ammo that causes a lot of damage and helps you pick up rapid knocks in short-range combat, while the M416 is for medium-to-long-range battles. In comparison to the UMP45, the AKM/Beryl M762 is a little more difficult to use precisely because of the large recoil, but if the recoil can be managed, they're a beast on a whole new level.

M249 and M416/DP-28

In this configuration, the M416 and DP-28 are used for mid-to-long range combat, sporting 3x, 6x, or 4x scopes, respectively. With 150 rounds in a single charge, the M249 functions as a close-range beast, capable of finishing more than a squad without needing to reload. With both weapons, a player has roughly 190–197 bullets without having to reload, and can easily win by spraying rounds while assaulting or holding residences.

Groza and M416

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The Groza is a true airdrop weapon in BGMI. When compared to other assault rifles, this assault rifle has baseline damage of 47 and can do an amazing 600 damage per second, which is the highest. It's a superb weapon for close-range fighting because of all of this.

The M416 is another excellent assault rifle for close- and medium-range combat. Players can increase their scores by using modifications like Extended Quickdraw or a Compensator, and you get a gun with amazing accuracy and damage.

AKM and M416

The AKM+M416 is one of the most popular weapon combinations for combative gameplay. Both weapons are top-of-the-line assault rifles with high damage per hit and fire rates. For close combat, players can use the AKM as their main assault rifle. AKM has a maximum capacity of 40 rounds per round and an average damage per hit of 49 hit points.

Players can utilize an M416 assault rifle for mid-range and long-range spray transfers. The M416 has an excellent fire rate and average hit damage of 41 hit points.

These are some of the most powerful combos that you can use to swiftly enter and defeat opponents within minutes.

That is all for this blog. We hope you enjoyed it and found a few combinations that you would love to try out with your squad in your next game.

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