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Best Equipment For A Rusher In Free Fire Max

Strategy Apr 21, 2022

Garena Free Fire is a third-person action-adventure battle royale game that is only available online. Up to 50 players parachute onto an island in quest of equipment and weapons to kill the other players in a battle royale encounter. Players can choose their starting position and take weapons and supplies with them to help them last longer in battle. Combos are an important aspect of any player's strategy, whether it's Garena Free Fire or the brand new Free Fire Max. For the majority of the time, the outcome of a match is determined by the characteristics of weapons and the ability of the players to operate this weaponry in free fire mode. If the weapon selection were chosen based on the ability of the guns to engage in various range conflicts, whether they are close or far away, you would gain a lot of benefits. If you use the correct aggressive weaponry, you will never be able to use the AWM at a close distance and be combative because you chose the wrong weapon. As a result, using the appropriate weapons in the proper settings might have far-reaching consequences. We’ll show you some free-fire weapons that are extremely powerful when employed by aggressive players. If you play in the same manner as aggressive rushers, they can be extremely deadly in the hands of players like you.


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The AUG is a quick-fire rifle and the AWM is undoubtedly the greatest sniper in free fire max. The AR isn't very precise and is a little shaky at moderate distances, but it's the strongest in the class after Groza. As a result, the AWM and AUG make excellent partners when playing aggressively; however, because the AWM is a fantastic gun for one-shot kills, players must master it in close and mid-range tussles.

PARAFAL and M1887

This gun combo should only be utilized for close-range combat. The PARAFAL is an assault rifle that is effective in various situations and has good movement speed, making it ideal for medium-range fighting. The M1887 is the most lethal of the four shotguns accessible in free fire mode, with a damage level of 100. The gun magazine is the gun's main drawback, hence why players must be accurate when utilizing this weapon for close-range combat.

M249 and MP40

In free fire max, the M249 is a fantastic LMG that can take down an entire squad in a single shot. It has a damage rating of 57 and outstanding consistency, making it a strong pick for mid-range combat if players combine the m249 with a quick-fire yet reliable SMG such as the mp40. While their gun combinations will be appropriate for the rush playstyle, players should keep in mind that, like an SMG, the MP40 has a limited ammo load and will require frequent reloads.

MP5 and KAR98k

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In free fire max, the mp5 is among the greatest SMGs the popular weapon has a high firing rate reloading speed movement speed, and large magazines making it lethal in close-to-medium-range combat for gamers interested in long-range warfare the mp5 is best combined with a sniper rifle the kAR98k is a classic rifle with an extremely high damage range and accuracy.

SCAR and M14

The Scar is one of the fastest weapons in the game, with a damage value of 77. The SCAR is best suited for close and mid-range combat due to its outstanding stability and ability to do damage swiftly. On the other hand, the m14 is an AR that has outstanding mid-range and long-range capability and may be employed as a sniper rifle or assault rifle hybrid. Both guns can provide excellent balance to the combo and are ideal if players rush on foes because the weapon pair requires less practice.

MP40 and AUG

Gamers can improve their stats by using the game's extensive cosmetic system. It is important to note the gun's firing rate and speed of movement when the mp40 is combined with just an assault rifle such as the AUG. Gamers will be able to easily annihilate their opponents. The AUG has a good firing rate, power, reload speed, and accuracy, as well as a good mobility speed.


In free fire max, the MAG-7 is the worst shotgun in overall damage infliction, but it is also the most accurate. When a player is rushing, this shotgun can be extremely useful. They can quickly dispatch their opponents with one or two mag-7 bullets. The Mag-7, on the other hand, is not a terrific medium-range weapon and it should be paired with a reliable rifle like the PARAFAL. With the addition of the PARAFAL, the tactical edge in longer-range combat will be increased. As a result, the Mag-7 and the PARAFAL work well together in free fire max.

Vector and M249

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In battle royale games, the SMG and LMG combo is underappreciated but it produces excellent results. The Vector is a great SMG with a good firing rate and quick movement. The m249 is a heavy weapon that should only be utilized when several adversARies are present at the same time, the rifle has a decent range and players should always keep it loaded because reloading takes time because of the magazine capacity.

  1. Groza and M82B

Groza and M82B are two of Groza's most famous characters. Groza is an exclusive airdrop weapon similar to AWM but with greater qualities than other weapons in its category. Groza appears to be a more stable AR than the majority of the fireARms on the market. Another explanation for the fireARms' lethality is its extremely high damage rating of 61 and range of 77. Players might select a devastating rifle like the m82b to compliment Groza's close-range capabilities. With a lot of experience, players could get a kill with just two m82b shots in a close-range duel. Players who master the sniper can achieve the best outcomes in the match.

  1. Scar and MP40

For people who prefer to play rushing, the mp40 is perhaps the ideal weapon due to enormous damage and an abnormally high firing rate that almost approaches the maximum number conceivable. This weapon has the greatest DPS in the game. Unfortunately, this weapon's weak point is its low bullet capacity. We employ the SCAR to counteract this. It is among the most effective weapons for aggressive play. The reason for this is quite simple. The SCAR has excellent stats, as stated above.

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