Pokemon Unite games are played in battles of 5 vs 5. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite games are played in battles of 5 vs 5. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Best characters in Pokemon Unite with abilities explained!

Community Aug 26, 2022

Pokemon Unite and individual rankings for each role help you decide which fighters to use and which ones to avoid.


  • A look at which Pokemon character does best in each position.
  • Nintendo and TiMi Studios’ hit game Pokemon Unite is the first MOBA title in the iconic franchise, allowing Trainers to team up in teams of five to battle against others, collect Aeos energy, and score the most points before time is up.

A fantastic resource for understanding MOBA positions is Pokemon Unite. The majority of teams ranked are operated with two players at the top, two at the bottom, and a fifth player who is present in the jungle outside of the elite competitive scene.

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Understanding what each job entails and how it functions will help players win more games. However, doing so requires in-depth familiarity with the game and the available Pokemon. Which characters are most suitable for each job, then?

A look at which Pokemon does best in each position

Best Attacker: Pikachu

Pikachu has a very quick Unite move charge. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Pokemon Unite's roster has many Attackers who have been given incredible abilities. Pikachu, who plays the role of the most potent Attacker in the game, is the ideal starter character for every Unite player due to its strengths and degree of difficulty. Attackers are the most acceptable candidates for offensive plays, emphasizing taking out opponents and creating space for teammates. Electric strikes that Pikachu may launch against opponents may immobilize them, allowing allies to intervene and complete the task. Thunderstorm, Pikachu's Unite Move, provides the ideal defence against opponent team ambushes. Pikachu seems to be the most effective attacker in the meta right now, but Venusaur may undoubtedly compete with it. Venusaur's Petal Dance was somewhat weakened, while Pikachu's Unite move now charges more quickly. This Pokemon now always uses its Unite move during team battles. Also, a beast in the early going, Electrowebs stuns its adversaries for quick kills.

Best Defender: Slowbro

Slowbro recieved a new holowear skin recently. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Although Slowbro isn't one of the best characters overall, it excels at performing the duties of a Defender. This is due to Blastoise's tendency to overwhelm opponents with intense Hydro Pumps rather than really "defend" them. Because it is so preoccupied with attacking the opponent's jungle, greed never defends. But a player should surely think about employing Slowbro if they want to learn how to play decent defence. Players may use Telekenesis to shock opponents so that Slowbro's comrades can efficiently dispatch enemies. Oddly, Wigglytuff, a "support Pokemon," may be employed as a powerful defence if Slowbro cannot be deployed.

Best All-Rounder: Lucario

Lucario has a very strong Close Combat ability. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

This character can hold a lane down by itself since it is so powerful. Players have been using Lucario in lanes to grab early scores and build up kill totals before they realized how strong it was with Attack Weight. Additionally, the recent Close Combat boost doesn't hurt. With the Lifesteal that Close Combat offers, Lucario can remain alive much longer in battles, whether he's speeding up hordes of foes or simply utilizing Power-Up Punch to do massive burst damage.

Best Support: Hoopa

Hoopa has a good supporting role. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Sincerely, this Pokemon is altering how the game is played. Teams cannot warp to goals without a Hoopa by their side, losing team fights due to being late. The finest late-game tool for any player swiftly evolves to be Hoopa's Unite move. When Hoopa players struggle against Zapdos, they may simply use this Unite move to regain health, defend their friends, and often pick up a few kills in a matter of seconds.

Best Jungler: Dragonite

Dragonite's Hyper Beam is one of the best abilities in the game. Image Courtesy: TiMi Studios

Dragonite still demonstrates that it is the greatest juggler in the game despite the nerf to Hyper Beam. It isn't as powerful at the beginning of the game as Zeraora or Absol, but the adversary typically has no chance after it develops. One of the finest Pokemon for solo play is Dragonite. Sadly, in this game, teammates don't always rotate to goals (or rotate, period). However, with Dragonite, each player may independently use Hyper Beam to obtain Drednaw, Rotom, or Zapdos.

A description of the tiers

In Pokemon UNITE, certain champions are far more potent than others and perform better all around, particularly in solo queue. You may still choose a Pokemon from the C or D tier and outperform other players. Still, it will undoubtedly demand more specialised expertise and a thorough comprehension of the character's virtues and shortcomings. The new All-Rounder Tyranitar's release on August 15 prompted the creation of this tier ranking. We looked at professional matches and evaluated if the professionals' selections made sense in single queue matchups.

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The top Pokémon in UNITE's meta will be at this location regarding doing damage, providing assistance, or tanking these Pokemon excel. Some of them, such as Hoopa, have abilities that many players deem broken but might be fixed in the future.


The Pokemon listed here are excellent candidates for ranking. If you know how to utilize them and how the game should be played, the characters in this tier can play more effectively than other S-tier choices. A prime illustration of this is greed. It probably won't have much of an effect if it's in the hands of a new person. But Greedent may quickly dominate games in the hands of a skilled player.

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The Pokemon in this category are not necessarily overpowering or in need of buffs. They are by no means a troll selection; it's only that other characters are more effective or convenient to deploy. Some of them, like Blastoise, work better in team-oriented games than in solo queue, where you can't have the same influence.


The creators ought to show some affection for this Pokemon. Nerfs or the introduction of new champions that perform better in the meta led to the decline of Pokemon like Wigglytuff, who were formerly great. Others, like Mamoswine, have already received buffs but aren't quite there yet, at least in the solo queue. They're not unplayable, but you could become frustrated if you play with them in rank.


The few champions who need a significant revamp to remain competitive in UNITE's ranked play are in the D-tier. They are not very good at any part of the game, and the alternatives mentioned above can perform all the functions these Pokemon perform.

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