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Apple Arcade has two excellent new games to keep you busy

Newsroom Jul 7, 2022


  • Apple Arcade offers 180 premium App Store games without commercials or in-app purchases
  • The game may be synced with the iCloud to run smoothly on Apple devices.
  • The most awaited games in Apple Arcade the Air Twister and My Bowling 3D+ which will make you busy

Apple Arcade offers 180 premium App Store games without commercials or in-app purchases. iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV can play Apple Arcade games. One month of Apple Arcade is free; after that, Rs 99/month follows. The trial period requires a credit card. Apple Arcade Family Plan subscribers may enjoy Apple Arcade Features with up to five relatives. Apple Arcade offers Apple device purchasers a 3-month free trial.

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Air Twister

A moment from Air Twister on Apple Arcade. Picture: Apple

Ys Net's Air Twister has finally arrived on Apple Arcade, one of the games all eagerly awaited. Yu Suzuki is well known for his work on iconic Sega games like Shenmue, Space Harrier, and many others. In Air Twister, you take on the role of Princess Arch, an infinite fantasy shooter where you use swipes to fend against invading forces. It includes a good soundtrack, controller compatibility, and online leaderboards. You may play Air Twister on Apple Arcade if you're interested. There will be no more Apple games after this one. Here's a look at the movie's trailer:

Apple Arcade | Official Air Twister Trailer
Yu Suzuki, legendary game creator and architect of the arcade game era, introduces a brand new 3D shooting experience!Out now on Apple Arcade! http://apple.c...

Three prominent names have been upgraded simultaneously as the new release. Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat received an upgrade this week that included Plastic Love and more. After the release of Zookeeper World version 2.0.0, the game now has ten new puzzle levels, a new goal of the week for earning weekly objectives to earn exchange tickets, and more. With Gear, a fresh batch of 45 Midsummer-themed stories has been added to Angry Birds Reloaded today. Club Stradale, the last major update, players will be able to enjoy 15 new circuits set in a brand new location, as well as two brand new automobiles.

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Like Sayonara Wild Hearts and Fantasian, and Oceanhorn 2, the game was made by Yu Suzuki, a legend in the video game industry. However, it looks to be a far more powerful sequel to Suzuki's 1985 Space Harrier, which was produced for Sega. In this fast-paced, third-person shooter game, players battle through a strange universe entire with vibrantly colored sceneries. Players must take down geometric forms in this game and battle gigantic bone dragons with guns. The gameplay is at its finest when the user swipes fingers across the screen to lock in on a group of foes and eliminate them all.

While it may play like an old-school arcade shooter, the visuals make up for it. Each level is psychedelic and filled with vibrant colors as though you were in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Valencia, a Dutch composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, has created arena-style music for the game. Like a never-ending Queen performance, it's like soaring. There is no guarantee, but you never know what will happen.

My Bowling 3D+

Some gameplay from My Bowling 3D+ 

iWare Designs provides a "plus" version of My Bowling 3D free of ads, in-app purchases, and other inconvenient features. As a result, you'll be able to play the most realistic bowling game available on iOS and macOS. Fans of the genre are in for a treat thanks to its highly textured game landscapes and complete 3D physics at 60 frames per second.

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Mobility is the most crucial factor. It would help if you considered your position, the direction of the ball, the power, and the impact of the throw to produce a strike or a flawless throw. It's easy to be swept up in the game, but mastering all the options will take some time. With 20 balls, ten lanes, 12 types of bowling, 25 opponents, and 5 degrees of difficulty, My Bowling 3D+ is rather extensive. You have a lot to look forward to.

The iWare game has a training mode of single-player and multiplayer options both. Who among you like the sport of bowling? Are you going to succumb to temptation? Apple Arcade, which costs Rs 340 a month, provides access to over 200 games they can play on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac.

Playing it will have you coming back to your phone for more. In addition, the music chosen for the soundtrack is neither monotonous nor disorienting. The game may be synced with the iCloud to run smoothly on Apple devices. The tournament, League, and Quick Play are just a few of the game's many modes. You may also play against people from all around the globe online.

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