Credits to AFK Gaming. Apex Legends Season 13 will be coming out very soon.

Apex Legends' Saviors Season 13 to be Out Soon!

Newsroom May 10, 2022
The new Season 13 will be released today itself!
There is going to be a new character, some brand new map changes, and weapon changes too.
Many characters have already been nerfed, and some buffed too.

Apex Legends is coming up with a brand new season 13, and the fans are wanting to know all about the patch notes and what to expect in the new season. The developers had already teased a brand new character, and everyone had immediately lost all their cool. In today’s blog, we will be getting into the details of the Apex Legends’ Saviors Season 13 patch notes. We will be giving you a deep insight so that you can prepare yourself and improve your gameplay according to the changes that are about to come.

When Is Apex Legend Season 13 Going Live?

This is the most important question right now, and everyone seems to be asking about it. Well, we have some extremely good news about it! Season 13 will come live on May 10, 2022, at 1 p.m. Eastern, which means in India the season will come live at 10:30 pm. Therefore, we would recommend you brace yourselves for all the epic changes that are about to come.

What are the new changes coming in the Season 13 Patch Notes?

We will be going through the patch notes briefly and simply rather than getting into extensive details, which might make you confused:

New Legend

Well, firstly, there is a new legend who is coming up! They have also released the trailer for Newcastle, the legend who is coming up. The new legend is supposedly the brother of Bangalore, Jackson Williams, who is also named Lamont Craig. Newcastle is being added to the ground of the defensive legends. However, his abilities are not completely on the defensive side.

He has three powers, the ultimate is the Castle Wall, which he can put down to stop the enemies from coming on one side. However, to place this wall, he has to pace and leap a lot of distance immediately. This gives him the power to cut off enemies from very far away. His tactical ability includes Mobile Sheild with which he can protect himself and his teammates too. Finally, with the passive ability, he can drag his teammate with him, when he is reviving him.

Map Changes

There are going to be some map changes in Season 13 too! It seems that the developers have put all their focus on the Storm Point. One of the main points that you could check out for yourself is the Downed Beast, which was shown in the trailer. There will be some IMC Armories, loots, and weapon catches too, for which the players have to defeat the automated Spectre units.

Credits to TheGamer. There have been a lot of map changes.

World Edge was removed for Season 12 and is coming back with some changes too. The Respawn point has got some changes, and the gondolas in Lava Siphon and Climatizer might not get that many high-tier loots anymore. Hence, you might have to go ahead and explore the map again to find out where most of the high loots will come up.

In this season, the King’s Canyon map is going to be out, and you will be getting the Storm Point, World’s Edge, and Olympus.

Weapon Changes

Of course, a new season means there will be a lot of nerfing and buffing of the weapons. Let us get into the weapons that have been nerfed. All the LMGs have been nerfed already, which means this is going to be a drastic shift in the meta. In the past seasons, LMGs were one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and this time they have been considerably nerfed down.

From this season, the Mastiff will be replacing the Spitfire in the care packages. The weapons that have been buffed this time are the Kraber, the Mozambique, the Peacekeeper, and the Havoc.

Legend Changes

There have been legends changes too, with some of the new ones nerfed and the old ones buffed. The first change that shocked the fans was how much they had nerfed Fortified’s passive. Though many of them thought that it was too strong, nobody expected it to be nerfed this much. Another nerf came up for Valkyrie. Her abilities were getting a.. bit misused by the players, so it was quite a good decision to nerf her.

Credits to Dot Esports. Valkyrie is getting massive nerf.

The legends who got the buff is Rampart, and we guess that their mains are going to be extremely happy about it. Rampart has been buffed up pretty significantly, and we might see her being played a lot this season.

Private Lobbies

There have been a lot of expectations regarding the private lobbies and custom matches being introduced in the game. However, as of now, it has been revealed that this feature will not yet be available to the public as of yet. Perhaps they will be checking it out with the content creators and tournament organisations.

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