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Apex Legends Mobile's Currency Explained

Community May 26, 2022

This week will be a complete walkthrough of all the important details that you might want to know about Apex Legends Mobile. Though it is extremely similar to the PC and console versions, it would be better to put it into context for those extremely new to the game. In today’s blog, we will be getting into all about the currencies available in the game, and how to use them for your own benefit. There are quite a lot of currencies in the game. However, there are mainly three currencies that are available throughout.

What are the Different Currencies in Apex Legends Mobile?

Without further ado, let us get into the details on how to get these currencies and use them:

Syndicate Gold

This is one of the most premium currencies in the game, and to get it, you will have to spend real-world money. Syndicate Gold is something that you have to use to buy a battle pass, and also if you want to buy or unlock any Legends or customise your cards. Basically, all the premium items and options can be unlocked by Syndicate Gold. You can buy the Gold anytime and keep it in your account, and you can use it later on whenever you feel like.

Credits to GaminonPhone. Syndicate Gold.

Flux Coins

Now you might not feel like spending your real-world money on the game, but does that mean you will never be able to get any currency in the game? Well, that is not entirely true. You can definitely go for Flux Coins, which you can earn while playing games, ranked matches, and even completing missions and events. Hence, if you want, you can just keep on grinding your way and keep earning Flux Coins.

Credits to GamngonPhone. Flux Coins. 

You can use these Flux coins to change how your legend looks. You can get some weapon skins along with battle crafting items. Basically, you can change your weapon appearance as much as you like with the Flux coins. However, the Flux coins cannot be used to purchase any skins or premium items.

Vault Tokens

There are a lot of lucky draws in the game, where you can manage to win a lot of new items and skins. However, to enter these lucky draws, you will need vault tokens. These tokens can be bought only with Syndicate Gold. Hence, if you want to enter these lucky draws, you will have to spend real-world money.

Credits to GamingonPhone. Vault tokens.

EXP Points

Now, this is not the conventional currency that you might get to use in the game. However, after every match you play, you will be getting some EXP points, which in turn might help you get certain discounts or certain emotes some time in the future as your rank rises.

Credits to GaminonPhone. EXP Points.

Seasonal Currencies

There is also an additional currency, where you can get some good items and weapon skins. As the name suggests, these currencies are available for only a specific season. You can complete the various missions and events listed in the Events list. In turn, you will be getting promised seasonal currencies, which you can spend in-game. However, they are available only for that season. Hence, you need to spend them wisely.

Credits to GamingonPhone. Seasonal Currencies.

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